Posted by: brendaintheboro | February 25, 2018

A Sewing and Cycling week

We had a very mixed weather week, but that was just as well as I had sewing things planned for the week too.

Monday was wet all day causing some flooding that was still evident later in the week. However. on Tuesday there was no frost or rain and so I was up before the larks – well it was still dark at 5.45 am when I rolled out of bed. DH didn’t bother as I said I was just doing a short ride. When I got back in after nearly 8 miles , he was on the treadmill working up a sweat. He cant do that if cycling with me, as I am too slow for him.

He did cycle with me on Wednesday though but I forgot to take my camera out,

I had a real treat on Thursday. Philippa Naylor , a quilter from Bridlington, who is renowned for her beautifully precise work, came to my quilt group to run a workshop on curved piecing.

She is such a great teacher and this is the 3rd time  we have been blessed to have her.P1010408

She gave us a pattern to work from and showed us techniques to get smooth stitched curves particularly concentrating on accurate cutting and stitching by machine.


She showed us how to use a short quilting ruler and a 28mm rotary cutter to smoothly cut and accurate quarter inch seam.


It takes a bit of practice to guide the rotary cutter and the ruler at the same time. I found it difficult to keep my eye on the 1/4″ line. Some people decided to draw in the line,

Then it was on to the piecing.


Using fine pins is necessary to match up the pieces.


We also learned a technique for accurately ( well when you practice) line up seam lines and how to pin so that they don’t move under  the needle. She also recommends a very fine needle (no.60) but you cant use a needle threader  so good eyesight is helpful.

I have managed to get the central part pieced and hope to get the borders done soon. Here is her sample.


Look at her exquisite free machine quilting.


Another sample of her lovely work.


Friday saw me travelling to Harrogate in North Yorkshire for the Spring Northern Quilt show. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and invested in a new light as I find as I get older , it is more difficult to work on dark fabrics in the evenings. I also got some of those fine needles to try out. Sorry, I can’t show any photos of the quilts but I was very taken with  Gillian Travis quilted socks and mittens inspired by her travels in the Balkans.

It was lovely and sunny on the way home, I have cycled over this way many times and decided to use the quite roads , rather than travel on the late Friday afternoon traffic on the motorway. I could see traffic queuing to get down to the roundabout . I have to say , I felt a bit smug that I knew the backroads which were really quiet.

Saturday dawned crisp and cold. We decided to go out for a ride and got everything ready. Out to get the bikes and DH found his rear wheel was flat. Nothing for it but to change the   inner tube before we could go. I got some washing in , while he was doing that.

We went across to collect some wallpaper paste so DH can do a small repair for an old friend and then we headed off up to Hilton through Ingelby Barwick.  The spring flowers are blooming and I just had to stop to take this shot of the snowdrops and crocuses in Hilton.


We decided to ride along towards Hutton Rudby and then turned along the very minor road/farm track to Seamer. I had a bit of pain in my low back but by dropping gears I was still able to get up all the hills. Since the horse incident my sacral area has been a bit achy if I push myself too much.  In Seamer , the village pond was frozen.


We dropped down into Stokesley and then road along the back road through Easby to Great Ayton. My lovely friend J had baked date and walnut cake  for us , so sitting near the river Leven, well wrapped up, we enjoyed it with hot chocolate.


The ducks were happily playing  on the river below the weir.

Then , it was off to home. I was so surprised to see this lovely colour in a field outside the village. I wonder if it is red willow?


So this week I only rode 47 miles but my YTD is 347 miles . The weather forecast for next week is not good  with snow coming from Siberia apparently. We will see what happens and if I can cycle .


  1. You are comfortably ahead of me in your yearly total. I will have to work harder.

    The quilting was very good indeed.

    • its not a race TP. I really keep that running total for my own benefit

  2. Is there such a thing as snow chains for bike tyres? 😉

    • yes you can buy metal studded tyres but for the few times we would use them , its not cost effective. I have heard of fastening zip ties around the tyres to help but haven’t tried it. may do if the snow lasts too long. Its been very thick these past 2 days.

      • Time for quilting 👌

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