Posted by: brendaintheboro | February 20, 2018

Wedge Quilt Workshop – a book by Christina Cameli

I came across Christina Cameli on an episode of The Quilt Show which is an online quilt video show which I subscribe to,  that has new episodes each fortnight.  She was showing her free machine quilting.

Then I found that she was teaching on the Craftsy platform and bought some of her classes which I found very helpful.

When I discovered she had brought out a new book on wedge quilting, I contacted her to find out if  out would be available as an e-book. She very kindly  sent me an  e-copy which I am reviewing. If you recall, I have made a  couple of wedge quilts a couple of years ago and the ruler is hanging just waiting to be used again.

She starts the book with wedge basics including the history of wedge quilting and about the different rulers that are available. Through reading I discovered that the rulers are available in different angles 15, 10 and 9 degrees and these are all divisible into 350 degrees, a  full circle. She shows different ways to cut wedges and the paper book also includes a template to apply to a usual quilting ruler if you want to try a wedge quilt without the expense of new wedge ruler.

The best thing I probably learned in this first section was how to make sure your round will actually meet up successfully without either being too short or too long resulting in a circle that will not lie flat. It involves trimming up at the 45 degree stage so that you can have a perfect 90 degree angle . Four wedges will them make a complete circle. What happens if you use a 10 degree ruler ? Then trim at 30 or 60 degree stage using the likes on a cutting mat.

The next section  deals with how to have a great centre as you need to put in a circle or even a square because you cannot successfully have so many seams meeting in the centre.  These include ways to applique and machine stitch in a circle. I have used both of these methods previously  but still found a review useful.

There are then 10 beautiful quilts  that she has made to show just how modern they can look  unlike the grandmother’s fan of yesteryear. Christina shows how to change the shape into squares , octagons, diamonds and makes stunning quilts. If you like  to follow patterns all you need for 10 fabulous quilts is all there for you to follow. However, if you are more like me, and improvise a lot of the time, this will spark some wonderful ideas.

This is one of my favourites as in the book it is displayed with a bicycle!!

There are ideas on finishing and machine quilting ideas.

Christina writes a blog  called “A Few Scraps” if you want to  see more of her wonderful creations and buy this book from her.



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