Posted by: brendaintheboro | February 18, 2018

Beware of Horses

Cycling on Monday , was not a good experience. We were riding along the river, when an illegally fly grazing  horse suddenly bolted . The chain tethering it to the fence , alongside the river, would not allow it to go any further and it swung around feeling my DH and then myself. We have been very lucky not to have been too seriously hurt . I have extensive bruising on my arms and legs.P1010400

This is the horse that did bolted. I don’t blame the horse but the person who keeps these horses in such bad conditions. No shelter from the elements and kept to graze with water when they come along and fill a tub.

We went back on Wednesday to find the other horse wandering along the path trailing 20 feet of chain behind it. One of the tubs was empty and the other looked as if it had been filled with dirty water.

It is unfortunate but I cannot seem to get anyone to help. The police say it isnt their responsibility to remove them. The council haven’t yet replied to my telephone call to my email complaint. As it was half term week , I was very concerned about others walking / cycling with children along the track. A child could have been garrotted or decapitated by that chain. It doesn’t  bear  thinking about.

I haven’t cycled every day , as you can imagine  but I have managed to get in 72 miles which I am very happy about.

On Saturday, we were going to try a longer ride but the rain started about 7.30 am and got heavier. DH decided to bake bread. He says the larger ones would be good for taking on a cycle ride  and the others for home.

The  rain cleared about 11.30 am so we did get a ride in. It was cold and windy and I just didn’t seem to have any energy so once we got over to Preston Park , we decided to ride a fairly new cycle track that we haven’t been on before. At least that way we had the wind on our backs for a bit. We  got across to Hartburn  which we recognised and then rode along to Long Newton. Here we went into  a cycle tourists dining room (bus shelter) and I fired up the stove for cheese toasties and we had a hot chocolate from the flask. Feeling a bit refreshed we had a bit of a ride  around the village and then took the road to Urlay Nook. There has been a lot of building of houses  and so we couldn’t get across the old road to Egglescliffe and so had to ride around and pick up the A67 into Yarm . Then we went back through Preston Park and along the river to home clocking up 30 miles. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera so couldn’t snap the emerging spring flowers. I have to say , that out of the wind, the sun felt warm.

We decided to go back through Stockton and along the river path but when we came near the horses, diverted up and along though the industrial estate until such time as I feel more confident again or the horses are moved.

Mileage this week 72 miles   YTD 299.1 miles



  1. What an unpleasant experience. I feel sorry for you and the horses. All the same, the bread looks very good and you got some useful ,miles in.

    • yes I was surprised how many miles it added up to. Still extensively bruised 7 days later but not my face thankfully. Glad yours is getting better

  2. You have to be so careful with horses. I never walk through a field with them in now after a nasty experience where several surrounded me. My brother’s son got bitten by one too (elsewhere). Horsey people (of which there are too many round here!) think – “oh you just don’t know how to behave around horses” but I had just walked quietly through the field ignoring them and they all came towards me.

    I hope you get somewhere with the council on this. And that your bruising gets better soon.

  3. the bruises are starting to fade a little. We are keeping away from the horses and I am encouraging others to complain to the council too. Still no word from them though.

  4. I hope that gets resolved soon so you can feel safer again taking that path.

    • DH was along there yesterday and there are different horses now,

  5. Gosh, that was a lucky escape from a much worse outcome! And I also feel sorry for those beautiful horses.

    • the bruises are still receding but we were so lucky to get away without any serious damage

      • Absolutely. I slipped and fell in our backyard swimming pool yesterday and bruised a rib so can empathize with you.

      • a backyard swimming pool. oh that we had the weather for one of those. hope you feel better soon.

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