Posted by: brendaintheboro | February 11, 2018

Little and Often

I am a member of a Facebook group called Fat Lad at the Back, and one of the other girls said about going out everyday despite the weather. Well this week , I decided to be brave and just go for it.

Monday saw us out in the dawn light. It was very windy along the river. I hope you can see how the smoke/steam was blowing away across the river.


On Tuesday, I went out despite the snow falling  and it was relatively mild but by Wednesday, the temperature had dropped and there was ice about but not too bad.

So by Friday, little by little my mileage was at 45 miles . On Saturday morning , it was raining and really windy again so we delayed going out. I played on my sewing machine and DH went across to put up a screen at church.

So by 1.00pm , we were having a discussion on where to go bearing in mind that there were still gusts over 30 miles an hour.  I said I only wanted to ride about 15 miles. We headed off as though we would go along the river but turned off at Newport Bridge  and I was so surprised to see gorse blooming on the side of the road in an industrial area.


We  headed over towards Billingham and then  decided to carry on to RSPB Saltholme, but  we just rode through. It was very muddy on the paths and we didn’t really feel like going back that way.

I suggested carrying on a little further to see if we could see the seals at the Teesmouth reserve near Greatham Creek. The seals often haul out onto the mud banks here. Unfortunately, there is some kind of work going on and there wasn’t a seal to be seen.


DH suggested carrying on to the next roundabout and then turning off for Billingham. I thought the road wouldn’t go that way and I was right. Why did I listen to him?  Instead, at the next 3 roundabouts we just had to continue on so we ended up at Seaton Carew and by then I had my 15 miles in. I was feeling a bit miffed , I can tell you.

No alternate, we headed through the outskirts of Hartlepool and down through Greatham and followed NCN route 14 across the fields until we had passed by Cowpen Bewley nature reserve and then were on roads though Billingham. It was getting late by now and dusk was approaching. As we crossed Newport bridge again , the starlings were making a right old racket as they swept in to roost. We have seen them here before .

Hurrying home, with all our lights on , we arrived home safely and DH made home made pizza for tea. I had already stopped wanted to throttle him and was pleased that he had pushed me to do a bit more as we ended up cycling 27 miles.

So this week’s mileage was a respectable 73 and YTD is 226.8 miles.





  1. Good work. You are braver than me by a ,long chalk.

  2. Wow Brenda, what a day!

    • thank you Annie. After being married to DH for 46 yrs I should know he knows nothing about where roads go. heehee. I have had to rescue him before now when he was out on his own and got lost.

  3. Sounds like it ended up as a good ride.

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