Posted by: brendaintheboro | February 4, 2018

Another miserable weather week

Again, the weather has been poor for cycling but we did get out a couple of times during the early part of the week totalling 28.5 miles but then it deteriorated again. They were only rides locally and in the dark and wet.

P1010362 (2)

I took this photo as I like the way the lights shine on the water.

We were also gifted a treadmill, so I have been using that instead of cycling and I think it will be good to move muscles in a different way.


not a flattering photo but DS1 took on another early morning and yes I have a big behind heehee!

You will probably be aware that we had a blue moon this Wednesday. DS1 went out and got these two photos that I would like to share. I tried later in the evening but my photo was rubbish.




I have been continuing to stitch away and the quilt I was working on last week is almost finished. I am hand sewing the binding down .

I also took a little time to play with rulers for quilting. Patsy Thompson, a well known USA quilter, has been running a free on-line blog  posting to guide people with a bit of experience through. I came to it late so did lessons 1 and 2 yesterday and here is the result.

P1010373 (2)

The lowest triangle was me doing my own thing but you get the idea. More to follow I hope.

Sorry this is a short post  but there’s not much to write about.

cycling this week 28.5  and YTD 153.3 miles.


  1. For once I’ve beaten your weekly mileage! Only by about 6 miles or so though…… we had some decent weather this week so that helped. Had a nice ride of 25 miles plus a shorter one.

    • well done you. Are you still doing your coffeeneuring?

      • No, that finished in November. I believe there’s an “errandoneuring” challenge coming up though…….

      • you will be pleased to hear I rode 12.8 miles today. how about you lass

  2. You have my sympathy as far as the weather goes. I got some good weather and promptly fell off so at least you have done better than me.

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