Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 28, 2018

More of a Stitching week

The poor weather continued last weekend with more snow coming down but then it turned icy and then by Tuesday morning , the temperature shot up as winds increased from the south east.

We were fooled into thinking that the snow had all gone as there was none near us. So in the morning about 8.30am we set off to ride up to Ladgate Lane. We had only got about a mile from home when we discovered that  although the roads were ice free, the cycle track wasn’t. Since my fall last year, I have become much more careful and when we got the area where people had walked and compacted the snow , which turned to bumpy ice, I got off.

Mothers were taking children to school and the ice was also wet as water was draining off a small hill across the ice. They too were afraid of falling. After a short way, DH also got off and we walked across the grassed / now muddy area to get to Glendale road and decided to ride back down to Albert Park. We kept on the road and could see the paths in the park were all clear so went in and road around in a figure of eight to increase the mileage and then went the longer way home past Linthorpe cemetery. That amounted to 8.7 miles and is the sole amount of the week. High winds and a cold stopped me from riding the rest of the week.

However, that did give time for stitching and I have completed a quilt I started in 2016 and has languished as a top . It is finished now. The stitching isnt perfect but I decided finished is better than perfect. Here it is.


with a close up of the appliqued centre from a workshop with the talented Philippa Naylor. ( as a note I am taking another workshop with her in February.)

P1010358 (2)

I have also been working on another quilt that I pieced a week or so ago from a free pattern by Leah Day an American quilter. My DS1 took a few photos to share.

P1010348 (2)

We covered the quilting table with vinyl cloth last week and it is lovely and smooth. Its held underneath with duct tape so is very secure and hasn’t moved at all. This time I have been using the dual feed foot to quilt in spirals. Its a good job I have the space to get it through the harp of the machine.


Just thought I would share a couple of photos my son took yesterday. The first one is in Scarborough and the second in Saltburn. You can see that there was an off shore wind ( a westerly) that was blowing the tops off the waves. Brave people out there surfing.



Cycled mileage YTD 124.7 miles.



  1. The quilt is beautiful, no wonder it took a long time.

  2. I liked the quilt.

    You took a sensible view of the merits of cycling in icy conditions.

  3. Beautiful photos taken by your son. That is some workroom!!!!! I wish I had a sewing table that big!

    • It’s an old table and some old sheathing ply behind it to extend it. The vinyl has made such a difference . My room is in the loft that my lovely DH and the next door neighbour did it out. DH built a special staircase up to it and they put in velum windows. I am very blessed

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