Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 14, 2018

Mixed Weather


Monday morning started out very cold and even at noon there was still hoar frost on the privet leaves, so I didn’t go cycling although DH did.

Tuesday was quite different after a very cloudy night and much higher temperatures. We couldn’t see any frost on the roofs across the road so we set off about 6.30 am and cycled a little over 10 miles.

Wednesday was similar , so again another we got out but as time was short due to work , there was only time for a 5 miles.

I couldn’t get out at all on Thursday and so when Friday afternoon arrived, I managed to squeeze in another 6 miles. On Friday we also had a new gas cooker delivered and DH has had to alter the units and so on Saturday he was still busy from early on.

However, by 10.30  he had got a unit built from scratch. This was needed because the new cooker was a different width to the old one and by moving a draw unit he has been able to sort another one. its not the same but uses up some of his stash of wood. He collects wood like I collect fabric heehee.

So off we rode along the river to Stockton and hoped to buy eggs from our usual supplier. No luck though because he was on holiday  and will be back next week. By now it was very cold because of the wind chill factor. I put on an old pertex top that I made many years ago and it helped me feel a bit warmer. If it hadn’t been so cold we would have extended the ride but the wind was coming from the North East and so we just returned home back along the river. At the barrage there was a lot of foam on the water. I was told years ago that it is because of the water running off the peat in the hills. I don’t know how true it is though.


It was building up to over 3 feet high( about a metre)  and the wind was blowing it about.


As we approached Albert Park I suggested we ride around as I was trying to get 40 miles in for the week. So that is what we did. As we approached home, my cycle computer showed me a few clicks off, so I road past the house and up the road until I saw the magic 40 come on. Daft I know but that means YTD is 100miles.



  1. Rounding up a number is not daft, it is what everyone does isn’t it?

    • i like to be accurate but I know it irritates some people

  2. I always thought that that foam seen in water was pollution but I then read somewhere that it isn’t – so you might be right about the water running off the peat.

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