Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 7, 2018

A good start to 2018


Well, lots of bloggers seem to be choosing a word for the year. I came across a verse in the New Testament from St Paul and decided my word for the year would be STRIVE.

This means I will try really hard to achieve more than 4000miles this year. I wont only be using this for physical things but for trying to improve in all areas of my life.

New Years day saw us having a first cycle ride of the year and the weather wasn’t too bad. It was cold but at least it was bright without any rain – that is until we got home so that was good.

We chose to ride across through Ingelby Barwick and then through  Hilton and Seamer  before the lovely descent to Stokesley.  The roads were ice free and there wasn’t much traffic on the roads . The views across to Roseberry Topping and Captain Cook’s monument were clear and we could see others had taken the opportunity to get out walking.

P1010341 (2)


We then had a brief stop near the weir in Great Ayton and had hot chocolate and a biscuit before returning home under increasing dark clouds.


I got out on my own on Wednesday for a short ride and every mile adds up.

On Friday, due to a last minute change of work schedule, I got the opportunity to cycle again. I have been avoiding the early morning rides due to frost and that combined with the darkness makes me a bit wary.  A friend came from Australia to visit her parents over the holiday and she said she had forgotten just how short the days are here.

So I wanted a specialist pillowcase. Yes I could have made one but the amount it would take to make being a large V shape, I wondered if I could get in the sales. Now,  I could have ridden there and back in 5 miles but extended the  trip up into Billingham and along the A19 cycle track before heading into Stockton and back along the river, extending it to 21 miles.

It was getting to be dusk and I could see many birds circling near Newport Bridge where they roost. I got this photo of the sun reflecting off the river which I am quite pleased with.


Foolishly, I didn’t get into the shower on our return and even though I had changed my clothes i could not get warm. In the end I resorted to putting on my old Buffalo gear that I use for camping. I can tell you that soon warmed me though , even if I did look a little “chubby.”  Well more so than normal. ( we have finished most of the chocolates we were given.)

Saturday’s weather was very windy , wet and cold  first thing , so we delayed going out until the afternoon and only cycled a few miles. Returning home , I spent the rest of the day sewing making another quilt top.

So the mileage this week is 59.9 miles. Not too bad in a wet cold January I think.




  1. The weather is a bit changeable at the moment, glad you got out on your bike. Yesterday we had rain and ice on the paths at the same time, a bit dodgy underfoot. Today it’s been sunny, but the temperature may have dropped a bit. I shall soon find out, I’m off for a walk now. Best watch my step.

    • How you went safely. As you say it can be a bit slippy

  2. Certainly looks like a good start Brenda.

  3. Lovely pic of the sun and the bridge. I’m quite envious of the landscape in your area – I always think our own county of Oxfordshire is rather boring in comparison to everywhere else! I run out of places I want to go for a day’s cycle….

    • I think any of us can get bored with our same rides – I do occasionally. I long to be off to other areas sometimes. hope you got your brakes sorted.

      • Husband altered the barrel thingies and that improved them – need to check them again to see if we think there’s been any leakage. Have a front puncture to mend now! Annoyed – could be local (and totally pointless as it didn’t do anything to improve the surface) resurfacing that did it.

      • what tyres are you using. Jozef swapped his for Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tour, the same as I have been using and they are almost impossible to puncture unless its side wall.

      • I finally got round to looking – I knew they were Schwalbe but didn’t know which ones. They are Marathon. Sp probably not as good as yours in the puncture proof stakes. It wasn’t the road surface that did it, it was a thorn, so from a path I regularly use probably.

      • What a shame . Is it side wall?

      • Not sure quite what you mean, but the thorn was not on the side.

  4. yes I meant on the side. hope you got it mended. mind you the forecast for our weather in the next couple of days isnt good. Our friend in Norway has just sent us an email and they expect 50cms of snow by mid-day tomorrow. Can you imagine what would happen here if that happened – stand still.

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