Posted by: brendaintheboro | December 31, 2017


It’s that time of the year when we review what has gone and decide what will we do in the future. For me, I realised I would have to rethink my target for 2017 when late in 2016, I came off the bike and sustained a clavicle fracture. I would no longer be able to achieve 4000 miles as I wasn’t able to cycle for the whole of the 12 months.

So I set a lower target of 3000 miles. In September, I developed a bladder infection that laid me low and off the bike for another of those months. Now , as you know I am not in the first flush of youth, and healing takes more time now. Would I be able to achieve the target. Well, those who read the blog know I managed the 3000 miles about a month ago so I reset the target as 3250miles.

Well , this week saw me a bit short and so I needed to get out and ride, if I was going to make it. Here in the NE of the UK we have what can only be described as YoYo weather , and so it proved again this week. Boxing Day, 26th December, was bright and sunny but cold.  So we decided not to go to far from home and rode along the river into Stockton and back wiggling around a bit to get another mile.  I was nice to see the cormorant ( hope I got it right) drying its wings. There were 2 of them fighting over this perch.


As it was so bright I put on my new FLAB top. It reminds me so much of traditional Norwegian costume (bunad) that I couldn’t resist when I saw it on sale with 20% off.



In the afternoon, we went to visit family by car so it couldn’t be a full day ride. I got some lovely cycling gifts from my sons and a friend.


The 27th was wet and cold in the morning  and thoroughly miserable. I had spent time sewing and looking for new ideas. I decided to spend some of my present money on a new quilting ruler and had a ride across to Teesside Park. Now it was only 4 miles, but every little helps and I did manage it in short no precipitation patch. Then later in the afternoon, the sun came out so I had a short walk. I really should walk more often as my thighs were aching surprisingly but I took a few photos.


By the 28th, I was stitching away but the sun was out and I was just getting ready to ride when a patient of mine phoned needing help. ( I am a chiropodist/podiatrist.) I explained as wasn’t working but if he didn’t mind I would call around and see what I could do. He was worried about an infection. I was pleased to tell him it looked OK, applied some padding to relieve his pain, and then got another 10 miles in.

It was cold though  then later in the afternoon, the sun was still  out so I had a short walk. I really should walk more often as my thighs were aching surprisingly but I took a few photos in or near the cemetery .



The best laid plans and all that—- SNOW came so now riding on Friday. I totted up the miles and was 17 short for the goal. By Saturday morning , most had gone – on the main roads anyway – so out we went. It was fine until we got onto the river path , where there was piled up slush, so once at Newport bridge ( I was walking the last 100 yds) it was off  up the ramp and then using the clear path we went up to Billingham, Norton and through Stockton to Thornaby and home. I think the paths near the main roads , must have benefited from the road gritters being out.

So I am pleased to report that in 2017, I achieved my revised goal of 3250miles.




  1. Very impressive Brenda.

  2. Well done indeed. Targets need to be flexible. I missed mine by 30 miles which was annoying. I hope that the 2018 target needs no modifying.

    • what a shame TP but then think of all the miles you did do.

  3. Hi all I do enjoy keeping up with your adventures. Well done on reaching your target. You do put me to shame. The best I can do is walking 50 minutes per day.
    Anyway I wish you and Joe all the very best for the new year and may your health be good.
    All the very best to the boys.

    • lovely to hear from you Jim and so glad you like reading the blog. we are all doing well thankfully. Have a lovely new year.

  4. Impressive indeed, considering your accident and illness. I spent yesterday on a 17.5 mile ride (which proved more enjoyable than I was expecting) with Husband because I wanted to make sure that December’s mileage was up on last year, which meant that for 10 out of 12 months this year the mileage was up on last year.

    • that’s so good to hear Lizzie. Glad that your husband rode out with you. I see the weather in the south has been as bad if not worse than here.

      • Yes, we’ve had two lots of snow, in November and December, which meant getting the mileage up all the more difficult!

      • yes I was kept off the bike some days by snow but worse the ice

  5. Congratulations Brenda – a great result for a year that sent a few challenges your way. Good pedalling for 2018!

    • thanks Gail. Longing for spring. Today has been dark grey all day and rainy – dreary. on the bright side been teaching a quilting workshop for a few friends at quilt group which was well received.

      • Cold weather can be good for creativity.

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