Posted by: brendaintheboro | December 17, 2017

Another Icy Week

Clear overnight skies have led to lots of ice this week. There was snow early in the week but we were so surprised that within the space of 2 hours, the carpark at chapel would completely clear. However , there has been lost of ice so that curtails the cycling.


Saturday dawned bright and cold but I was determined to have a short ride. DH wanted a longer ride but we left it as late as possible to leave and not together.

I decided to ride the most direct route across to Saltholme RSPB reserve and had suggested having soup and a bun. DH is a true Yorkshire man and the idea of spending money is abhorrent to him. Heehee! The gas stove wouldn’t have worked anyway in such low temperatures.

I must say it was very icy and I had to take great care and on occasions walked rather than risk a skid and fall. I was just locking up my bike when he arrived and I asked if he had a change of plan. Not so, he just came to give me a kiss – not bad after 46 years of marriage.

So in I went and had soup and bread and then a mince pie and a hot chocolate. I had seen a request for knitters for a project that the RSPB is doing but no-one seemed to know that the request on FB had said there would be patterns available, so I left empty handed but at least I was fed and warm.

I did take photos of the semi frozen lake at the reserve and the ducks and coots standing about on it.P1010284

I am always amazed at how much wildlife there is in this industrial area.

I decided to ride the road back along as it had been gritted and wasn’t so slippery. The idea came to use the Transporter Bridge to cross back over but that would have meant a short ride. Shorter than I wanted. So I dismissed that idea and road back the way I had come until I got to Newport Bridge, then turned to cycle up the north back of the Tees. I had the option to go straight back home but decided to follow the south side and then up through town and Albert Park. The frost made a shushing sound as I rode over it and as it was now about 3.00pm the light was fading and it felt colder.


I was glad to get home and into a warm shower and then DS1 and I began to prepare to make home made pizzas. By now it was dark and I wondered how far DH was from home so phoned and was surprised when he answered immediately. He was up on the track near Thorpe Thewles but had been walking as he came off on the ice twice. I asked if he wanted to be picked up and he agreed immediately, another surprise. So I went off and got him, meeting him  on the stretch of road between Thorpe Thewles and Billingham. He needed his bleeding thumb dressing when we got home and said he could change his front chain rings as his thumb was so painful.

Still all’s well.

I also spent some time learning a new method of steeking with a crochet hook this week and have now finished another cardigan for myself. It is much less traditional than the other Norwegian sweater I made a few weeks ago. I did use another of the Norwegian language patterns but put my own stamp on it by putting in a zip and making a collar. I like little amusing twists and so used an embroidered ribbon a bought a while ago to cover the cut end.



So mileage this week was a very meagre 19.8 miles and so YTD is 3,196 miles


  1. Amazing knitting! And I thought I was clever cos I’ve knitted 3 hats recently….

    • would love to see them Lizzie.

      • Will probably include them in a future post.

  2. Very brave cycling or perhaps in the case of DH, a little foolhardy. Still, no great harm was done so I take my hat off to both of you.

    • he was a bit stupid TP as he hasn’t any idea about time and I had told him before he went off, that the daylight would be short. needing to redress it tonight as it bled quite a bit

  3. Lovely bicycle motif in the knitting. 🙂

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