Posted by: brendaintheboro | December 2, 2017

Only one ride this week.

Winter really hit this week. The early part was very wet and windy and then this happened.


SNOW. NOOOOO! Actually by yesterday morning , it warmed a little and rain and sleet came down and got rid of some of the snow. By last night , most of the snow here and at the coast had vanished. There was snow still on the hills but we decided to ride to the coast and keep to the low ground.

We just rode one of our usual routes to Saltburn and had to pass by Kirkleatham Hall which was buzzing with traffic for a Victorian Christmas fair. We had to be very careful as the traffic was bumper to bumper  along the lane and cars were parked all along too. We had set out late and so by 11.00am people were piling in.

Still , we got along safely and up to Saltburn. We counted 11 surfers in the water. In my youth, 50 years ago, I used to go in the sea almost every day so I can well understand the lure of the sea.


Then it was along to Amber Street to go up to Ripping Yarns were I was lucky enough to get some West Yorkshire Spinners  sock wool in candy cane colours.  We also bought a few cakes .

Then we headed back along the coast and through the allotments and into Marske.

We called to see an old friend who hasn’t been too well but he wasn’t there. We had no paper to leave a note so had to use one of the cake bags to write on. Shame but we enjoyed the cakes later in a shelter on the promenade in Redcar. Then it was along the Trunk Road to home.

So only 31.5 miles this week and YTD 3134.6 miles.


  1. At least we didn’t get any snow. Well done for getting any miles in.

    • thanks TP I was starting to get cabin fever heehee

  2. Surfing would be freezing 😮

    • they say you suffer for your art but you can also suffer for your sport.

      • I guess they wear very thick wetsuits.

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