Posted by: brendaintheboro | November 26, 2017

Winter’s Arrival

Well, winter has come. Early in the week there were gales and heavy rains. In the west of the UK , some areas have had flooding but we escaped the brunt of it. However, I didn’t go out in the early mornings much either because it was raining hard or because of work commitments.

When we left on Tuesday morning, just after 6.00am , there was no precipitation but with in few minutes we had to stop and don the  waterproofs. However, we didn’t turn back immediately and cycled on to ride a 6.5 miles loop. Not far but a bit of an effort, and as I always say, a little is better than none.

Foolishness and leaving something behind, enabled a ride over to Billingham on Friday afternoon. DH accompanied me and then we rode home via Teesside Park  picking up some food shopping . Its useful to always have pannier bag or two on the bikes for just such unexpected opportunities.

We hoped to get a longer ride across to Darlington on Saturday but it was bitterly cold and the temperature was below 0C when we left home at 10.00am. We started off going through town but once along the river it was very frosty.


In view of that , we aborted the trip and just rode to Stockton market picking up eggs from our local supplier and then back again. The temperature rose to 3C and the frost began to melt in areas that had the sunshine.

Near the barrage , with all the water flowing over it looked like little icebergs. It was foam though.

Further, down river we were surprised to see so much drift wood that had come down in the rains.

P1010256 (1)

The trees are almost devoid of leaves but there is still some bright colour.

By the time we arrived home, the sky began to cloud over and the temperature rose to 6C. We weren’t disappointed though and spent some time visiting a couple of elderly men DH looks out for. The forecast for the next couple of weeks isnt too promising but we will get out when we can.

So this week there was only 36.1 miles ridden and YTD 3103.1.




  1. I am rarely without my panniers, as I never know what I might find by the roadside that’s worth taking home!!

    • a girl after my own heart – unless I cant call you a girl because you will be offended heehee

      • Goodness me no – call me a girl anytime.

  2. You are much braver than me. I don’t go out at under 4 degrees.

    • don’t know if its braver or just dafter

      • Both possibly?

  3. Oh my goodness that’s cold! It would’ve been invigorating though.

    • yes we did enjoy the ride but it was good to get home to hot chocolate and a piece of cake

      • That’s the best part of riding in the cold – warm drinks and sweet treats.

  4. Some time ago I found this blog and I read it thanks to the online translator. I enjoy following your rides and the way to add distance to your tour. The fun writing and the nice pictures make a good game. Keep doing this, you’re doing great.

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