Posted by: brendaintheboro | November 26, 2017

Quilting – how to layer up

This post is totally not cycle related so you don’t have to read any further if you are only interested in cycling.

Some months ago I saw a post about using pipe foam lagging tubes to layer up a quilt . I tried but the tubes were too bendy and it didn’t work too well. However, another post recommended getting wooden dowels and strengthening the foam by shoving them up the space for the pipe.

DH was going to a hardware store for some paint , so I went along with him and we got the required dowels. Then Lori Kennedy of the In Box Jaunt issued a challenge to finish a quilt you have hanging about as a flimsy top. A year ago , I finished up a top which was medallion style and lots of little half square  triangles and little hour glass blocks. I just didn’t know what to do with it but have been watching Lori’s class on planning quilting on

So I got my son to take some photos to show me layering without crawling around on my hands and knees, especially as floor space is limited. This quilt is about 70 inches square.

First off,  I used the seam line on the foam to pin the top in a straight line onto the foam. I used little glass headed pins to push in.


Then you will notice that I am rolling the top on with the wrong side outer most.


I smoothed the top out  as I rolled along making sure that there were no creases.

Once the top was completely rolled, I then did exactly the same with the wadding (batting US) and the backing  which I had cut about 8 inches bigger giving a 4 inch overhand for when the quilting commences.

So, the backing , wadding and the top were laid out on the table making sure that all layers were smooth for the first foot or so was straight.

Then I started pinning with safety pins as I can’t use a 505 spray, as I react badly to smells. If I could use it , I would have sprayed the wadding and applied it to the backing and then re-rolled those together before then applying the sticky spray to the other side of the wadding and rerolling the top.


My DH used an old grapefruit spoon to make me a tool to help close the pins. I did try a commercially bought one but I prefer this one as the indentations on the poon hold the pin well while I pop them closed. It saves a lot of pain on my finger ends.


I now have it completely layered up so will start quilting soon – I hope – if other things done get in the way. I hope this may have helped someone.


  1. Wow! How long did it take you to complete that??!!

    • Do you mean the quilt top? that was done as a once a month challenge and I said never again. hundreds of 1 inch half square triangles. I was sick to death of the foundation piecing but I am nothing if not a finisher. I am compelled to finish something I have started because I hear my mother’s voice in my head – you never finish anything. well she was right when I was about 8 but now I do it. to tell the truth I didn’t want to ruin it with my quilting. roll on the quilting phase

      • Yes that’s what I meant. I’m not surprised you got sick of it! Amazing work though.

      • thank you . that means a lot to me

  2. Ingenious.

    • cant take the credit for the method but it worked well

  3. I have never commented before but I love your blog. You are an inspiration with the cycling but more to the point that is a beautiful quilt. Lovely. Anna (in France)

    • Thank you so much Anna. I love getting comments

  4. What a beautiful quilt! I’m glad you found a method that works well for you. I’m looking forward to seeing it all quilted up 🙂

    • its being a bit of a beast to quilt today.

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