Posted by: brendaintheboro | November 13, 2017

An unexpected ride

This morning, work was unexpectedly slack, so I took the opportunity to ride out with DH. He had an envelope to deliver in Great Ayton and so he would ride up. The forecast wasn’t great – cold and cloudy but the sun did make somewhat of an effort and showed its face.

As we rode up through Nunthorpe, we saw the tribute from yesterday’s remembrance service  outside the parish church. I couldn’t resist stopping to take a couple of photos and realised that these were knitted and crocheted poppies stuck on sticks and planted in the grass.


People have spent time and effort in making all of these and it is lovely to imagine them thinking of those who gave their lives so that we can live in the freedom we have today.


I took this photo with the zoom lens from across the road  and think it has come out rather well.

We rode along through Little Ayton and along to Stokeley but didn’t stop for long. It looked beautiful along the side of the River Leven.


Once at Tame Bridge , we turned off and climbed the back to Seamer. I was pleased with how I managed the gearing  and got up with no great effort. It was now 11am so we had a short stop and as we had the flask with us had a hot chocolate and a biscuit. From Seamer , we rode down to Hilton and  we could see that it was very misty to the west but sunny nearer the coast. We turned to follow NCN 52 down through Maltby and up and down the valley to Stainton .

Then it was through the housing estates and back home for lunch. A very satisfying 25 miles.



  1. Wonderful poppies and well done for getting a ride in.

  2. love this display of craftiness!

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