Posted by: brendaintheboro | October 8, 2017

Still not 100%


I took a turn for the worse and so haven’t done much cycling in the past 2 weeks. The antibiotics I was given have worked but I still do not feel up to par. I haven’t been lazy doing nothing though. I have still managed to work , albeit, at a lesser number of hours and I have been knitting.

When I have been out cycling , it has been early in the day and I got some photos that I like.

This is looking downstream from the Infinity bridge over the river Tees.

P1010036This is looking upstream towards Stockton. I do like how the lights shine in the early morning pre-dawn light.

I have been knitting a cardigan from a pattern I bought in Norway. Unfortunately for me, it is written in Norweigan but I am managing to knit and translate, after a fashion and this is my progress so far. It is knit using a circular needle and will then be cut up the middles. I know it sounds really scary but I will use a zig-zag stitch on the sewing machine to keep it secure.


We had a ride into town yesterday and saw the African Children’s choir doing a street performance. These children gave a wonderful performance of singing and dancing in an effort to raise funds to build schools so that all children can have an education. We here in Europe don’t always appreciate the schooling that we have.

The children also gave performances at the LDS churches in Billingham and Newton Aycliffe. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend due to the perfume sensitivities I have but friends say they were sensational. The young lady in the navy jacket had a beautiful voice.

After that we had a ride along the river to Stockton and back. The river levels were really low and I wonder if this is due to being the day after the Harvest Moon?

Just near the bridge there is a very large mud bank.

So only 49.1 miles cycled since last update and YTD 2652.7 miles





  1. Hope you soon feel better, Brenda

  2. I was wondering about your health with the absence of mileage reports. I hope that you get back to full fitness soon. Meanwhile your early morning pictures are very fine.

  3. Amazing knitting! Certainly does sound scary cutting it up the middle! Hope you are back to full health soon.

  4. thanks Lizzie – currently trying to translate the next bit. you don’t speak Norweigan do you? Actually I am going to translate it , the send to a friend to see if what I think it says is correct.

    • Sorry no I don’t! A bit of French and German and that’s my limit!

  5. no its not a common language but with the help of Swedish and Danish translations too, I think I have it sorted. I do speak German and there are quite a few similarities

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