Posted by: brendaintheboro | September 24, 2017

Back to Work

This week saw me get back into the swing of things.  Early, before 6.00am, saw us arising and getting out on a short ride. I cant believe just how much fitness can be lost in a few short weeks and a bout of illness . Still we had a 6.5 miles ride on Monday and Tuesday and I shaved 6 minutes off the time on Tuesday. We were able to get a slightly longer ride in on Wednesday and the days are really shortening now. I forgot to take my camera so had to rely on the phone to try to get the sunrise colours.


20170920_053839293_iOS A short while later the sky overhead was a stunning pink colour. So beautiful. Most people were probably still in bed so wouldn’t have seen it.

The other weekdays were so full of work that I couldn’t take the time to ride so was glad when the weather was reasonable. We decided on a ride of about 30 miles.  The festival of thrift was on this weekend near Redcar and so as they blocked the cycle track with stalls last year, we decided not to go that  way.

We rode up through Nunthorpe and on along to Great Ayton and turned on the back rode through Little Ayton and on to Easby where we turned right to Stokesley. We were passed by a number of fast riding roadies but that didn’t bother us. We got at my pace.  We found that Stokesley  had its own show on and the High Street would be one giant fair with rides and fortune tellers. The raod was only open until 12.00pm and would than be shut off. Still it was only about 10,00am so plenty of time.

We had sort of discussed the route but even after nearly 46 years of very happy marriage , we still don’t always communicate effectively. We reached the turning for Seamer in Tame Bridge and I thought that is where we would turn and then ride up the hill before turning along to Hutton Rudby.   DH thought we were riding to Hutton Rudby and then coming back to Seamer. As it was I rode to Hutton Rudby and he rode up towards Seamer and we met on the  small back road.  He thought I was having a strop. I wasn’t really just wanted to go his way and he wanted to go the way I thought.

This road has lovely rolling hills, just right if you get the gearing correct. Someone has put a bench and there are a couple of inscriptions on it to William and Jonathon Stott. There are also a couple of planter boxes  so I think this must be a special place for this family. The bench is so welcome at the top of a hill.

We stopped for a warm drink and a biscuit and when we were sitting we saw a mature lady walking up the hill pushing her bicycle. We had  been passed by a few roadies and I noticed one with a number on. This lady also had a number and it turned out she was on a Sportive but had no idea where she was  and there was no-one riding with her. She gave us a description of where she had been and we believe it was near Ingleby Greenhow  and then up the steep. very poorly surfaced hill to the carpark at Clay Bank. There was a feed station here and they had told her it was all downhill from there. I couldn’t help but laugh and say they had lied to her . The hills to follow on the way back to Nunthorpe weren’t as steep but they were hills all the same. She did say she had travelled up from Harrogate for this but I don’t think she was really enjoying herself.  She had a heavy bike that she had bought second hand and she has started to compete in triathlons as she is really a swimmer.

We rode back down through Hilton and on through Stockton where we saw these birds flocking onto the replica ship that Captain Cook sailed to Australia in. I am not sure what they are but wonder if they are starlings?20170923_112213296_iOS


I have also made this small quilt for my friend K who had a baby boy 10 days ago. She was delighted with it. It wasn’t heirloom quality but more to be used and she had it with her at church today.


Mileage for this week 55.1 miles                        YTD 2603.6 miles








  1. What a nice present for a baby. I hope it gets well used. I am glad that you got a good day for your cycle ride and at least you met DH coming the other way and didn’t go off in entirely different directions.

  2. I do admire your habit of getting up and out so early! I find it so much harder on dark mornings.

    I feel sorry for the sportive lady! I wonder if the route hadn’t been signposted properly.

    • I am a morning person so it’s not too bad and at this time of year, you hear the first bird tweets.
      The sportive route was well signed but it was her being left on her own I didn’t like

  3. I’m amazed you still fit rides into a busy working week Brenda. Loss of fitness after a layoff is always a concern

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