Posted by: brendaintheboro | September 15, 2017

Waffling On

Today, our last full day  was beautiful and sunny.  Kjell needed to visit his friend who has been living with cancer  for 30 years and had some bad news yesterday.  We walked down into town with Gerdur and tried to visit  the local museum. Tried was the operative word  as it was closed and so was the glass works.  Everything seems to have closed now the children are back at school. I did call into the woolshop though to discuss a pattern but I have done very well reading it and had it correct. The lady was impressed with my ability  to read Norweigan but I said it’s because I know how to knit.

Still we had a lovely walk in the park  and along the river. Autumn colours are showing here too.

Eventually, we arrived at Lake Mosja  and the ferry was closed too.

We walked back into town and had wonderful icecream at a chocolate shop. We had apple pie ice cream that tasted exactly of said pie. Wish I could bring some home.

Then we walked back up the hill, passing the emptied swimming pool –  it too has been drained for winter but it was rather hot in the sun this afternoon.

Gerdur had bought fish for our evening meal and then she made waffles with more ice cream and home made red currant sauce. Yummy.

We could never have imagined 11 years ago , that a chance meeting on a campsite would have resulted in a lasting friendship.  Thank you our friends.


  1. It is indeed lovely that the chance meeting turned into a long lasting friendship. Lovely pics.

    • Thanks Lizzie one day you and I will meet I hope

      • Yes – I’m sure we will make it happen in the not too distant future!

  2. The food treats sound delicious. You need more cycling to justify the treats!

    • I will have to do and lot of cycling and sensible eating in the next couple of weeks

      • It’s really difficult to stay true when travelling

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