Posted by: brendaintheboro | September 15, 2017

Across the Mountains

We were out being driven across the mountains today and we were really lucky to have good weather for a change.  I took lots of photographs  so please forgive me if there are too many.

We set of from Gjovik  and headed westward up to Fargernes and we made a lot of stops for looking at nature in its splendid early autumn beauty.  On the way we stopped at Holjarast  to view some ancient rock carvings.  These have been coloured with red paint but the notice said this will not continue as they believe it contributes to further deterioration of the images.


Then we turned northward across the high mountains.  This year the snow has not disappeared  because  it has been unusually cool. The autumn colours are beautiful up there .

We even saw some bilberries still growing there  above the treeline.


It was cool up there and I was glad we hadn’t had to cycle up here. This was across the Valedres area and we has our first cake stop so Kjell could have his coffee.


As we descended  and lost height , the countryside became more green and less yellow/orange .  On one of the stops  , we met a Germany couple and I was pleased to have a chat with them. The lady was a supreme that I could speak to her in her own language.

We stopped at Lemonsjoen and had our main meal. It was really a nice place and I enjoyed sea trout while DHL had chicken and chips. My meal was very Norweigan.


After this we headed back to the 257 which then joins the E6 which is a toll road. Just before  that we stopped  at this pair of old churches  – all wooden.

There was also a Commonwealth war grave  for a young man killed in 1940. Private  Fletcher was with the Sherwood Forest regiment.

The E6 is a toll road  and we asked about how it was charged and the car is tagged and a bill is sent once a month. We drove back through Lillehamer but it was  almost 8.00 pm when we got back to Gjovik.


Forgot to mention that in the restaurant  ,there were quilts hanging on the walls but I will just show one.


  1. A rather sober quilt, I thought.

    • Reminded me of Hall of the mountain king

  2. Interesting pictures Brenda. The quilt was quite unlike the ones you make

    • Yes not at all my style quilt but interesting for me to see

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