Posted by: brendaintheboro | September 13, 2017

Museum Visiting

Today we drove north from Gjovik  and crossed Lake Mosja and drove across to Elverum  about an hours drive sober could visit a national nature museum, the Skog museum.

If you don’t like to see stuffed animals please don’t read any further.


There was every variety of wild life on display and I know this has become  politically incorrect in the UK but this is a different culture and mindset.


In addition to animals and birds , there was all about the development of knives and how they are made.



There was also some interesting  carvings and we decided this piece was not all done from the same block of wood.


The individual pieces couldn’t be moved though.

I liked the installation that tried to show the development of cells and this lighted tree.


The museum has a nice cafe where we had  a lunch. Mostly it was older people in there but also what appeared to be a work group. I don’t miss those days and prefer to be self employed rather than have to follow company rules.

There were also some nice statues of local wild life.


After this we drove to another couple of places,  a sports centre and another museum but both were closed.  The sports centre looks like an upside down viking boat  that holds a large ice rink but it won’t open again until October . I couldn’t take photos  of it as I couldn’t get far enough away.


We did stop near the lake on the Hammer side and then went along to Brumunddall where it was another  stop for cake! ! The lady who served us came to chat when she had finished her shift. I admired her cardigan and we chatted knitting for a short while.


I don’t think I would have felt so sleepy if I had been cycling but at least today we didn’t get soaked on the rain.

These were a few of the other things that caught my eye- bicycle flower displays and interesting manhole covers.




  1. Well I can see why Jeremy Corbyn likes manhole covers!

    • I didn’t know that.

      • Yes it’s his hobby!

  2. The bicycle flower display was very original.

    • There were lots of other bicycle decorations on that little town too. It reminded me of Dutch town centre

  3. Are wild moose found in your area?

    • Not here in the UK but where my friends live in Norway they are.

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