Posted by: brendaintheboro | September 12, 2017

Norway Visit

Eleven years ago , we were cycling through Norway on the North Sea Cycle Route and had the very good fortune to meet Kjell, who had just started on the same route and thus began a friendship that we have maintained over the years

He invited us to stay and do after a bit of a stressful flight we arrived late on Saturday.  Unfortunately,  the weather isn’t playing fair, but we are having a lovely time.

On Sunday,  we were invited to a large family gathering for the confirmation if his great nephew. It was a lovely occasion and lots of the people  were in national costume.

These buna , which is what these are called are very traditional  and we’re made by hand over 50 years ago by this lady’said mother and she made them for all 4 of her daughters. They are often passed down in families  from one generation to the next. I was saying to Mary that her buna was different. She told me that she has passed hers on to her grand daughter and she had a “fantasy buna ” made by a designer from Trondheim.  The apron part in lighter lavender colour was handprinted.  She told me it is much lighter to wear and not as heavy as the traditional woollen buna. Mary us on the left and her daughter is on the right in her traditional costume.

There was a dinner after to which we were kindly invited. We had a chance to mix with a lot of family and friends .This was held in what we would call a church hall next to the church in which our friends were married 50 years ago.

Sunday lived up to its name and was sunny  but Monday was very rainy. We had a walk down into Gjovik to have cake and a drink. It was interesting to see some of the  street furniture that they have.

I also went and bought some super wash wool and a pattern for a new jacket.  I will hopefully complete this over the next few months.  We also met a friend of Kjell too and he enjoyed his time to talk English with us.

We also went into a supermarket and it was interesting to compare what is on the shelves and the prices were about double English prices.

Tuesday has also been rainy and we walked up hills to see Kjell’s brother who is renovating a house to move into. Then we walked further uphill to a coffee shop but we were disappointed as it was closed , so no cake.   The view from there house will be beautiful.

The rain became very heavy and as we walked back it eased off and we were glad to be back to have cake and hot chocolate at home.

I will say here that I am picking up on some of the language and have decided that I can get the accent for Norway much more easily than for Holland.   The  successful  has just made an appearance.  Woo hoo.  Let’s hope it stays a while,




  1. They made good use of their oil money in Norway so they can afford high prices.

    • Found a few pricessation similar today though

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