Posted by: brendaintheboro | September 3, 2017

No Cycling

Unfortunately, I had to go to visit a doctor as the cystitis developed into a full blown Urinary Tract Infection – UTI – and I was prescribed an antibiotic. I am feeling a lot better but still not up to cycling so sorry , no bike talk for now.

I did go to a quilt show though and this was the winning triptych. I did wonder if there should have been another though. Still it was beautifully done.

This one really caught my eye as it looks like circles but on closer inspection, it isnt.


P1000771 It is all straight sided piecing but the quilting gives the illusion of circles. Very clever and I love the spread of colour that makes your eyes go all over it.


I realised I love the brighter coloured quilts and this one caught my eye. I wouldn’t make one like this as I am not into applique very much but love the individual motifs .


It was nice to see a traditional Durham Strippy which is   what used to be made in the North Country. I once attended a workshop with Dorothy Osler  who was a wonderful maker of this type of quilt. I quickly realised it wasn’t for me but I can still appreciate those who make them.

This 2nd place quilt was also a stunner and I love the applique and quilting.


The colours are so bright and parrot-like and I love the quilting tooP1000789


The final quilt to catch my eye was on one of the stalls selling machine embroidery software. I don’t have such a machine but I love the sentiment of this one.


There was no cycling for me but DH came down with me and put his folder in the car and then once in Harrogate , he headed off across to Ripley to try out part of the Nidderdale Greenway before cycling back to our home in the Boro. Unfortunately, his tech stuff wasn’t working all the time but we know it must have been between 60-65 miles. He said cycling on the A61 wasn’t nice but then if I had been with him , he wouldn’t have been on that road anyway . Hopefully a bit of cycling soon but then off to Norway next weekend.



  1. Ooooh, horrible. I had it once on holiday in America, while on a theme park holiday. I went to the first aid post, and they whisked me off to hospital with all sirens blaring. I knew all I wanted was antibiotics, but they went through the whole thorough questioning thing. So embarrassing. You should be feeling better soon.

    • Thanks Ilona I am
      On the mend but taking it easy as we are off to Norway next Ssturday

  2. Bad luck with the illness but the quilt show looked to be very good value.

    • it made a nice change and I was able to indulge in buying some more supplies

      • That is always good fun.

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