Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 30, 2017

Wonderful Northumberland part 4

We knew we would have  a longer  day so we were up at first light and packed and away by 7.30am after me cooking eggs again. Just the thing to set me up.

It was a little cool and overcast at first but we soon warmed up enough to have to take long sleeved tops off. We followed NCN1 along towards Craster and along to Howick passing the Howick Hall and then through Longhoughton and down to Boulmer.

As you can see from the photos the wind had increased in strength, unfortunately into our faces. Fortunately, there is an open public convenience here and this was the first of many visits on the ride home.

We rode along through Alnmouth and then on the track to Amble we met and older woman running with her dog. She told us this was her last long run before she runs the Great North Run in September 10th. She was doing really well. Just shows us oldies can still do things. The views above Alnmouth are really lovely.

Once in Amble I was desperate for the loo again and a café owner kindly let me use their facilities, all the public conveniences being shuttered and locked . I know there are financial constraints but surely on a bank holiday Monday, they want to encourage tourism? Why not open the public loos?

So it was off again and past the Commonwealth Graves cemetery  and along to Low Hauxley and then retraced the way to Druridge Bay  and Cresswell. Again, desperate for the loo. I realised that this was the start of cystitis, a condition I haven’t had in well over 30 years. Still, I wasn’t about to give up , so an ice cream and a loo break and off again.

I began drinking lots of water as I knew to keep the condition worsening, I needed to keep the kidneys flushing through.  Near Cambois  , the sun was shining and we had a bite to eat and carried on. We passed a lad having a can  outside a house. He called over to us as he also cycles. Would I be brave enough to ask to use the loo? Yes and he kindly agreed. Shall we say , it was a lad’s house and not even his. He told us it was his mate’s house. I think the alcohol had loosened his tongue a bit as he wanted to talk even more but we needed to get on. He did suggest getting some cranberry juice so we managed to buy some in Blyth.

I knew where our next stop would be – Ridley park in Blyth and we stopped there again. It was even more crowded than on Friday and the ice cream seller was doing a roaring trade with families out for the day.

Riding down to Seaton Sluice, the track was packed with families out for the day and the going was slow. Again , more shuttered public conveniences. Surely , it wasn’t only me who might need to go?  It was even more crowded as we got to Whitley Bay and there were some road works too so it was on to the road for part of the way.

I was never so relieved to get back to my cousin’s home.  We packed the car and drove home having completed another 52.4 miles.

As a note I was able to get some medication from the local pharmacy yesterday and after the second dose I began to feel a little better. Today, when I am writing I am feeling a lot better than yesterday.

So the total trip was 172 miles


Mileage YTD 2548.5 miles.









  1. Lots of kudos to you for keeping going with cystitis! I’m sure you know it already but have you tried drinking bicarbonate of soda in water? A teaspoon to a pint. Really helps the burning.

    • thanks for the advice Lizzie. I still have a bit of a problem so will try this now. may have to see a doctor. Also have cranberry juice and the last sachet from the pharmacy

    • Hi Lizzie, have resorted to antibiotics as I had a very bad night. I am very tired now having managed to work as well. I hate letting people down and on Saturday I have a ticket for a quilt show in Harrogate

  2. How annoying to get such a trying problem while you are on such a good outing. I hope that you can get it cleared up.

    • had to get the help of the GP today and am now on antibiotics. not cycling as I don’t feel up to it. hope to pick up quickly when a get a few doses into me.

  3. Gosh you’re amazing to cope with cystitis on the journey. It’s very unpleasant. I can attest to the cranberry juice. It certainly helps. Get better soon.

    • thanks Robyn. I have had to resort to antibiotics as it was ascending up to my kidneys.

      • I’ve had that experience and ended up in emergency with rigors – a kind of involuntary shivering and spasming. Quickly fixed with the correct antibiotic.

      • In our early married life I got the problem a lot but haven’t had much problem for more than 3 decades . As it was a holiday weekend I just had to keep at it. Anyway o am well enough to go to a quilt show today thank you

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