Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 29, 2017

Wonderful Northumberland part 3

I got my Georgie friend  (Shaun Dixon) to make me breakfast early. DH didn’t want any so I had scrambled eggs on toast. This is my preferred riding  first breakfast and I seem to do better on it. As for DH , he had a biscuit. We met another cyclist from Teesside who had come up to cycle the Great North Cycle ride which was starting in Seahouses and ending in Tynemouth. I got his  key to pass on to Shaun as he left by 6.30am. Hope he got a good time .


We got away by 7.30 am and it was so easy to cross the A1 as it was quiet. Our destination for the day was Dunstan Hill, south of Embleton so it was going to be our shortest day. We decided to follow the NCN1 route, so it was a climb back up through the Fenwick Wood route. As we crossed the A1 , I noticed it was also signed as the Sandstone way as well as the NCN1. We were on the road but the Sandstone way is largely a mountain bike route. So we retraced our route through Detchant and Belford and chose to ride the B1342 down to warren Mill and along the road past the beautiful Budle Bay.

I noticed that I was having difficulty with my gears and determined that the click box had somehow stopped functioning and it was stuck in what would have been the smallest front chain ring – if it had one.

When we got back into Bamburgh, we stopped and DH examined the problem. The internal hub gear is not something he has encountered before and so I suggested looking on youtube. Its amazing what you can find on a little phone. We got a video up and even though it was only 1.30mins long, it enabled him to get it sorted. I have to say , he is a very clever man when it comes to puzzling things out. Me, I need a set of written instructions.

So, I was firing on all gears and was riding well. From Bamburgh, we took the inland route towards Seahouses but didn’t go into the town but rather turned in North Sunderland and up thoughWest Fleetham, crossing the railway line at Chathill and down to Christon Bank. It is only writing up this account that I realise , I had the start of cystitis, as I was desperate  for the loo but couldn’t find one.

So when we got into Embelton, I went into a hotel and relieved myself. This is uusual for me but I didn’t think of it at the time. We spoke to a “posh” Geordie  here , who was unloading his ebike  from his car. He said he had waited until he was 70 to get one but it has kept he and his wife riding. He is still working in London and in Europe so by his accent I took him for lawyer or a business man. Still he admired our bicycles too and was interested in the gearing system. He told us that he keeps a Brompton folder in London.


From Embelton we followed the off road part of NCN1 along the coast route on a bridle track. This meant we got a good view of Dunstanburgh Castle. We could also see yachts sailing by.

However, this  costal route misses the campsite so we had to turn back along the road to the site. It was pleasant to be greeted with such enthusiasm by the site managers and we were given a pitch with no problem. This is one of the reasons we have remained club members for more than a quarter of a century.

We met a lovely younger couple who we cycling and camping all the way from their home in Bedford up to Edinburgh. We spent a lovely hour chatting with them and the woman said she had tent envy seeing how much  headroom  we have and yet can still cyclecamp with it. Made me feel good to tell her we made it ourselves and explained the evolution of it.

miles cycled 28.7




  1. A lovely part of the country. I had a short cycle round the Bamburgh area with Mrs T a year or two ago.

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