Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 29, 2017

Wonderful Northumberland part 2

This was the day that didn’t go quite to plan but we enjoyed it anyway.

We took the coast road along through  Seahouses and then along to Bamburgh with its famous castle.  You also get a good view of the Farne Islands lying off shore.

In Bamburgh we turned on to the B1341 and went inland and up to the Outchester Duckett.  It is 65 feet high tower and was possibly built as a dovecot. Now it has been restored and is a holiday home for rent.




On my old map it is listed as a windmill  but apparently it never was but the information did say that the name Outchester may be a Roman name.

We were surprised to see these beauties in the field.  Are they bison?

There is a bit of climbing from here up through Belford and Detchant and then a nice run down into through Fenwick and then across the A1 near Beal. We were lucky that it wasn’t too busy and we got across and down to Beal. We spotted a new campsite here and then there is a gate and a path down to the coast. For the first time I have cycled here , the crossing over the causeway  was open  at a suitable time to go across and back. I have wanted to ride over to Lindisfarne for some years and today I did it under a glorious sun.

You have to look up the tide times and many people have become unstuck and had to get into the safety box while the water engulfs their car.


Unfortunately, the whole island was awash with tourists and this wasn’t good for me with my sensitivity induced spasmodic dysphonia so we kept to the less occupied spaces.  We discovered the Lindisfarne  garden. I cant remember its name but it was tucked away in a little street near the Lindisfarne gospel experience.

It was awash with colour and bees and wooden carvings and was really peaceful so I had to take plenty of photos .

We also went into a United Reform church that seemed to have been altered but there was a beautiful stained glass window and some textile work.

I loved this box – Letters for the Minister.

We saw a chap running across the causeway and he said he was going to collect the car for his party.

Another couple took a photo of us coming back across.


Once  back on the mainland, we followed a rough track across the dunes to Goswick. That’s when things went wrong. I had looked up the campsite on Campsites UK but while it is still listed there is a line that says closed in 2012. Duh!

We didn’t want to go further north and  local couple out walking suggested we went to the Barn at Beal campsite . We did not have a good reception there and they would not entertain accepting us for the night. They said they were fully booked for the weekend but even though I pointed out unoccupied pitches there was no way they would help. Their loss though as we would have  eaten in the restaurant too.

So we filled our water bottles and decided to find a wild camp for the night. Riding back up to the A1 I spotted a tent and a motorhome at the back of a building. We decided to ask if we could camp. Yes of course as long as you buy breakfast. This was said by the Geordie lad who helps his wife run Eat and sleep Lindisfarne. It turns out they have a bunk house so at £20 a bunk, we got a room for the night with use of a well stocked kitchen and a smashing bathroom with a real bath and a shower over it. We used the bathroom and the kitchen so it was well worth it.

miles ridden 33.9





  1. The Lindisfarne garden looks lovely, Brenda!

  2. A good find for your accommodation.

  3. It’s such a pity to find these places over-run by people. What a blessing to be able to retreat to the Lindisfarne garden.
    A great photo of you both too 🙂

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