Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 13, 2017

August or Autumn

I have to say, what summer we have had is passing very fast. This week felt very autumnal with wind and rain for quite a bit of the time. Tuesday was so wet I didn’t even cycle!!

Still I have been out and when we cycled through the park I saw the goslings which are now almost fully grown. Such a short time to turn from little fluffy things to this.


One of the highlights of the early morning was standing by the side of the river watching a seal eat a large fish. It wrestled with it as it must have been 18 inches long. The one morning I didn’t have my camera too. I got a shot on the phone , but it isnt very good. Still I will include it for myself to remember in years to come. You can just see it in the middle of the shot.


The fields have ripening grains and are being harvested now and I am seeing wheat and barley.


Yesterday, we looked at the weather forecast and decided it was going to be good enough but there was a threat of heavy showers later. We set off westwards to go over to Cozy Coffee as Rosie was having a charity fundraising event for Children of Chernobyl. She was offering to donate a percentage for every milkshake sold , so we had to have one. As they say it was too wet , so we had to have cake too. I had marmalade cake and DH had ginger.

We then rode along through Cotham Munderville  and up to the main road. The minor road has been resurfaced with chippings but they still haven’t sorted out the lumps and bumps though. Once down into Darlington, we walked through the town centre and then headed out of town through Blackwell and up to the village of  Stapelton and then continued climbing until we descended down to the turnoff for Croft. From there we road the  A167 through Dalton on Tees and along to the Great Smeaton turnoff. There was one stretch that was a climb that flattened out and then got even steeper. I seemed to run out of steam/ was worried about the fast traffic so I dismounted to get on to a pavement. There was a high kerb and as it was uphill, once on the pavement I couldn’t start again, so walked until it flattened out and could ride again. Let me say again, there is no shame in walking.

We stopped and ate again under the shade of a tree but I had seen the clouds building to the east, the way home. You could see it was hammering down over there. Nothing for it to see how far we would get. Once in Appleton Wiske, it became chilly and we stopped at Worsell corner as DH wanted to know if we should put waterproofs on then or later. As I was damp with sweat anyway we decided to wait. As we approached Kirkleveington, water was streaming down the road , but no rain in the air. On the way down into Yarm, there were lots of deep puddles and so we jacketed up then because of the spray. At one time the sun began to shine and I thought it was past. Not so. Down near Thornaby, the constant rain began to come down steadily , so it was a wet return home. We were lucky though as it had rained far more at home , than where we had been.

I also had time for a bit of stitching this week and used a photo I had taken while cycling over to Clitheroe earlier this year. The field was full of buttercups not oilseed rape. it was along the road to Appletreewick.P1000676


Mileage for the week 95.4  YTD 2290.5 miles



  1. I really like your stitching. Well done for braving the rain.

    • Braved the rain this morning too. It wasn’t forecast grrr

      • I stayed well out of the rain today.

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