Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 6, 2017

Busy Week

It has been a busy week for me work wise and I also had the opportunity to  teach 4 ladies in a quilting class ( see separate post) .  Still, I made sure I got out most mornings  but it only amounted to about  30 miles.

Still , Saturday was a reasonable day weather wise with a westerly wind predicted to be about 10 miles an hour. Packing our stuff for the day and having eggs for breakfast, we were away by 8.00am. Newport bridge is closed  on the usual side we go over, and the surface on the opposite side isnt good. So we chose to  go over the Barrage and up to Norton. This way saves the climb up Beaconsfield road . Then it was up the Cast;e Eden Walkway heading north. We saw lads unloading mountain bikes  in the carpark and they soon passed us on the track .

It seems they had a similar destination to ours  but we never saw them again. It was a beautiful morning and we continued up the rack  until we came to Shotton Colliery. The track after this deteriorates after this for a time , so we chose to ride up to South Hetton via Haswell on the road.

Once in South Hetton we rejoined NCN1 and rode up to Ryhope. There was a lovely view at the top of the rise.


Once down in the village , we took to the road to Seaham. I used to ride this way on a Honda 50 motorcycle nearly 50 years ago when I worked at Seaham Hall Hospital. taking x-rays as a radiography student. Open heart surgery was in the early days and this hospital did  some of the early heart valve replacements with a fair few dying. If it hadn’t been for those people  , we wouldn’t have the relatively safe procedures that happen now.  I was able to take a photo of the old lodge and driveway as this is now one of the most expensive hotels in the area.P1000665


We stopped in the picnic area and had second breakfast. This consists of granola and frozen blueberries and yogurt mixed at home before we set off. We find that having the eggs and then the granola  is good for us.

Setting off from the  picnic area with its Turning the Tide artwork, we cycled along into Seaham which has changed beyond recognition over the years. We saw a cycle sign leading up to South Hetton but then ended up going through Dawdon and eventually along some old worn tracks and then up near the A19 – not  a good place to cycle. Fortunately there is a place to cross if you dodge the traffic on the approach roads, and it was back to poor tracks. There are lots crossing the area we haven’t ever seen before. Then we came to a place that was broad road with no vehicles at all. There were a couple of chaps trying to sort a bikes gearing so we asked them for directions. They said to follow them. I think they may have been father and son and we ended up on the roughest ground ie. the remains of the old slag heaps so we knew we were near.

Once in South Hetton , they went down the track we had taken to Ryhope and we used the road back to Shotton where we rejoined NCN1. About now it started to rain so we donned the waterproofs we had sense to bring and headed down the Hart to Haswell track. I like this track heading south as it is essentially down hill.

We did see some paddleboards out on the sea.P1000668.JPG

I was determined to have an ice cream so once in Seaton Carew, after some sensible sustaining food, an ice cream it was. We ate under shelter while it continued to rain. It did dry up a bit but near to Saltholme Bird reserve it hammered down, and the sun was still shining!! We didn’t go into the reserve as they have had to make it more difficult to get in/out at the far end. Still it increases the mileage.

 So Saturdays mileage was 68.9mls and the  week 102.3  YTD 2195.1miles



  1. Interesting bit about the hospital. Which do you prefer – the Honda or the Koga??!

    • mostly the Koga but on steep hills a bit of a push would be nice. I keep saying when I am70 I will get an e-bike but that’s just a little over 3 years off so I will see how I go. The hospital was a miners convalescent home that was taken over by the NHS .

  2. Another good week.

  3. So busy Brenda, how did you ever have time to work?! The photos are lovely.

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