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Back in the winter 2012 , I needed to get a new bike as I had come off mine and the frame had snapped. While it had been replaced with something similar ( frames change) , I wasn’t too happy. I decided what I really wanted was a steel frame. My son was browsing the internet and came across a sale of Koga cycles down in Tadcaster.

My DH wasn’t well pleased because a. he’s a Yorkshireman and b. Tadcaster is about 1 hours drive away. He wouldn’t come with me to “look” for a new bike. He knows me very well!! So DS1 said he would come with me and off we went.

I had phoned ahead and asked if they would permit a test ride. There was no hesitation and when I got there the bike was ready and waiting and off I went. I didn’t have to ride too far to know this was the bike for me. I have to admit black isn’t a colour I would choose but then colour isn’t everything.

So began my relationship with this family run shop. Big Dave (he’s not big)  runs the shop along with his wife and son.


. He said to me , I would be back for another  for DH. We had no intention of  getting another  but his Dawes Galaxy was stolen and he also got a Koga Randonneur. Actually , he is on his 2nd as the first one was also stolen and no he isnt very careless. Dave kindly gave us a good deal on another. We also bought panniers from them too. As you can see its a well stocked shop and they do mail order too.

Eventually, we helped DS1 to buy another Koga, an F3 which he loves too. So that is 3 bikes we have from Cyclesence.

While we were away on our last trip , as I had cycled about 20,000miles on my bike I realised it was time for a major service and so arranged for it to be carried out while we were away on our Orkney trip. When we got back, we went down to collect it and I did a little test ride. I went over a speed bump and something went wrong.  It turned out that the freewheel mechanism  had broken. Dave and his son and the mechanic scoured the shop trying to see if they could find a suitable matching one but no joy. He ordered the part from Germany, as Madison the usual supplier were out of them, it came Friday morning and we collected it in the afternoon.

I am writing this because I think this is a great shop who will sell you the bike that is right for you and the aftersales service is wonderful. I wish them another 25 years at least in business. I will  likely be too old to ride by then  heehee!!




  1. Here here! Excellent shop! My only regret about going there is that we didn’t hav a proper look round the shop! Just too busy buying my Koga…..

  2. well next time you are coming up let me know so we can finally meet. Dave told me that he had read your blog post. think he was chuffed but that isnt why I wrote this – was going to do it anyway as I was so pleased with how they have helped me

  3. I would love to get the train up to York, get the bike to Tad for its first service, and then cycle home over several days, but that may be rather wishful thinking…..but I’ll definitely let you know if I do!

  4. It is always good to find a reliable shop in any field but even better to find one in that most important field of all, cycles.

    • we have nearer shops than this but no where near as good.

  5. It’s good top read about a shop with great customer service. Your trip reports have been very interesting. Thanks for posting them.

  6. Isn’t it great to have a bicycle shop that looks after you.

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