Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 2, 2017

Four days of Rain

Here in the north of the UK. we can never be sure of the weather. Maybe, that is why weather is such a talking point – Will it be fine, will it be windy? We usually look at the Met Office forecast for the week ahead and then plan accordingly. What I didn’t expect was 4 days of non-stop rain. It is so dreary.

So we had a nice early morning ride on Monday and then by Friday, I was fed up. The winds were high as well as the rain but by Friday the wind had dropped and it was only a very fine light rain. So I put on my rain jacket, no rain over trousers and went out for a short ride. However, by the time I came back , the cloud had descended to kiss the ground and I was soaked through on my legs. Still, I have decided, I must be addicted to cycling LOL. Here are a couple of photos of rainy grass.

Saturday was much better , not sunny but at least dry. We decided we must go riding so headed off across to Yarm and up to Appleton Wiske.  There was some interesting foliage along the way. Giant Hogweed has become a problem and is trying to be eradicated but as you can see, they don’t get at it all.


This wasn’t going to be a long ride but the sun came out. We turned down towards the Rountons and then crossed the A19  on the bridge and then cycled along to Potto. We haven’t been to the village for many years so decided to have a little look around. We ended up in a cul-de-sac as the road no long allows access A172. So we back tracked and rode into Swainby. A couple of weeks ago I bought a new collapsible silicone sided kettle and wanted to try it our before our next trip away. So we sat in the bus shelter and fired up the little gas stove. We were drinking lemon and ginger tea in no time.

I noticed my knees were getting pink and there was a young man unloading his mountain bike from his car, so I took a chance and asked if he had any cream. He did so I covered my knees.

So after that we rode on the A172 for a short distance and then turned towards Carlton in Cleveland. We did actually ride into the village before turning back and then we were in an adventurous mood, and ended up towards Broughton but took another road that said ne heavy traffic. Eventually , we were back on the A172 , just before the turning for Stokesley so went into the High Street. I did buy some sun cream here, because I could see my knees getting very pink. I don’t get the knees out very often.

Because of that, we were able to carry on and rode along the back road to Easby and into Great Ayton. We had a stop near the stream and I noticed a couple of cycle tourists sitting further up. I could not help myself and asked if they needed any help. They were a couple of young men from Utrecht in the Netherlands and they didn’t have a cycle map . They had come up from Rosedale we think, they couldn’t remember the name, and were headed for Newcastle to get the ferry back. So we offered to be their guide to the river crossing. We took them down through the Boro and showed them the Transporter bridge but it wasn’t running so we took them along to the Barrage to cross.


P1000185 I knew we had cycled over 50 miles so we didn’t go any further with them but set them on there way following the NCN1 signage. I do hope they made it to a nice place to camp.


So that was my week. How about yours?

YTD 1812.7   Mileage this week 76.9 miles


  1. My sister is on a caravan site at Stokesley. They like it there. Nice picture of the Transporter Bridge.

  2. You are very good when it comes to helping benighted cyclists. I can’t imagine going out in a foreign country without a map. You didn’t do too badly for mileage in the end for such a gloomy week.

  3. You must be known as the “Guides for Cyclists” in Middlesbrough!

    • haha. its just that I can spot cycle tourists at 200mts and I cant help myself. we have had the good fortune to have had help from others – guiding us, giving us accommodation for the night etc, that I like to “pay it forward” whenever we can.

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