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Cycle Touring Festival 2017 There and Back Part 2


The campsite we use in Gargrave, is right next to the Leeds Liverpool canal and a good place to stay, in an enclosed  field without car access, so is mostly used by cyclists and walkers.

There was one other cycle tourer and a walker , on the field so not crowded.


chatting in the touring field

Thursday  25th May 2017

We awoke to a misty morning.




The fog soon lifted as the sun rose and we decided to have a short ride up to Malham Cove. We  knew we had more hills to climb but without all the camping gear it was much easier and the views are wonderful.


Very soon we were in Malham and continued to climb up to the cove but were defeated by the sharp rise in the steepness of the road and the unaccustomed heat. Nevertheless, we continued walking along a foot path and then DH told me he would wait with the bikes, while I continued on. I took his photo and a lady took a shot of us both.


Not the most flattering i know but a very good record for us.

Malham Cove is limestone country and is 230ft high I believe. Once there would have been a waterfall but now a stream comes out at the bottom.



As you look around you can see the hillsides divided up with skilfully constructed drystone walls. These are hundreds of years old and a testament to using what you have. Recently, they have started courses to pass on the art of construction in this way , as the younger generations need education on the process, so that this can continue.



Once back in the village we called in to a café well used by cyclists and had apple pie and ice cream. There is also a very nice visitor centre with a full car park, which was interesting. Setting off for Gargrave, I got the gearing wrong and had to walk up the hill, the first time during the day, but then it was largely a descent. However, we passed another café and had more ice cream. It was just too hot!!!

Back in Gargrave , we sat in the shadow of the wall to get some relief from the heat.


Relaxing in the only shade we could find

I am so glad we bought these Helinox chairs years ago. I noticed others have them at the festival, or cheap Chinese copies. Whatever, they are small and light and easily packable and so comfortable.

In the evening we watched these little birds – I think a wagtale of some sort – please help TP.  They were flying into a nest hidden in the wall.


A yellow and grey bird

Then we watched harvesting by these new machines. It was like watching formation dancing as they hurtled up and down the fields, reaping for silage making.

I also did some hand washing and used this ancient mangle to wring out the clothes but didn’t put anything with a zip through. I had the sense to know , it would ruin buttons or zips.


So another successful day and a call into JD Tandems who are now based just across the canal. Only looking and drooling though.


  1. Ha! glad I’m not the only one to not be in the right gear for a hill! Doing that recently caused my chain to come off but as a result I learnt that I was capable of getting it back on.

    How wonderful to use a mangle! I remember my mum’s that stood outside the back door after she got a washing machine and didn’t need it any more.

    Looking forward to the next episode!

    • Thanks Lizzie . Writing it now

    • I usually have to walk up as if on an incline I can’t start off again until it flattens out. The mangle was very useful

  2. I would like to help but the picture in question is one of those that remain stubbornly blank when I look at your post.

    • Isn’t that always the way. Wonder if I can get it to you another way

  3. Helinox chairs are on my wish list. Good to read you’re happy with yours.

    • I saw others with look alike a that looked identical but were much cheaper and seemed to be just as well made. I have had mine 5 or 6 years maybe more and it’s brilliant

      • Worth paying for the quality one.

      • Probably the old adage but cheap, buy twice is true but it depends how much use you will have. We love ours so light and compact for touring

      • Exactly. Good to pay the extra for something that lasts and is light and compact.

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