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Cycle Touring Festival 2017 Part 3

Friday 26th May 2017

Another beautiful morning for our ride to Clitheroe and we didn’t have a very early start as we didn’t need to be at Waddow Hall until 4.00pm. This was a route , I rode last year with others who were going to the festival, so I had checked it out. We had ridden into town the previous evening so I could make sure that I wasn’t taking us off on a wild goose chase. It is strange though how memory can be distorted and you can think that a particular item is on one side of the road and then there it is on the other. This was the case with me, as I thought the canal would be on the right when in fact it was on the left.

There was a relatively flat ride along to Bank Newton before climbing and then a fast run down to the A682 as there is a 14% hill. The A682 isnt too busy but there were a few large agrivehicles  that past by quite closely. However, fortunately it is only about 1 mile along here before turning onto the Helifield Road and crossing a bridge over the river Ribble. Then there is a long climb but as long as descent into Bolton by Bowland.


Last year the weather was hot and so we stopped at the same small tea rooms and had a sandwich and a sit. Then it was the last bit and I knew we should go through Waddington but we missed the turning and ended up going through Sawley and on to the A59. Now that would be really scary to ride but there is a short cycle track section that takes you off the road and on into Chatburn. Another ice cream stop was called for and DH wasn’t about to offer any resistance.

Off again, we were soon into Clitheroe where we called into Lid! and bought salad for our evening meal as this meal isnt catered for. Once at Waddow Hall it was only about 2.30pm so we got our chairs out and positioned ourselves under the shade of the trees.  A new cycle tourist turned up having ridden on the A59 and nearly got wiped out. Over the weekend I believe he learned a lot about using the quieter roads.  Then what should have been a familiar face turned up but I couldn’t see it with all its face fuzz from 2 weeks away on the Outer Hebrides.

Nearer to 4.00pm Laura and Tim Moss and family  came along and told us where to pitch our tents. I have to tell you about these two. A few years ago , they went off on a round the world 13000 miles trip but when they came back wanted to do something to promote cycle touring. This was born the Cycle Touring Festival. What is different, is that it is all done by volunteers everyone donating their time for the pure love of it. NO ONE gets paid anything. So unlike other festivals that I am aware of. Sharon , Laura’s mum organises all the catering and the whole family and friends work so very hard to provide wonderful food  all day Saturday and Sunday. They deserve so much praise for this selfless service. They will be blessed. (Mosiah2:17)



Ribble lodge at tea time



the smallest tent on the site

There was so much choice in the way of speakers – again all doing it for the love of it – even paying their fees just like any other cyclist. It was impossible to go to every talk that I would have liked to. The range was from cycling with children in the Scottish Islands and Japan to a  wheel building workshop with Ghyllside cycles that went on most of the weekend and needed to be prebooked.  My favourite was by Thomas Ivor Jones , a nearly 9 year old who talked about his attempt to climb and cycle between the highest mountains in Wales, England  and Scotland. He didn’t quite make it but did clime Hardknott and Wynose passes in the Lake district. My cap off to him and his lovely family. I got to play aunty to the two little girls and loved every minute of it.



Cuban fibre tent


The weather started to deteriorate on Saturday afternoon with a thunderstorm  booming down the valley bringing some intermittent  rain. There is also a place to swim in the river and after the final session on Sunday, I had a dip in the river.  I really need a new swimming costume as my old one has finally had it. Its in the bin now so I will have to buy a new one.


Sunday night brought a lot of rain. When I had been in Malham I got a time table for a local railway , the Bentham Line running from Morcambe to Leeds and so we decided to see it we could use it to get back across east.



DH packing up and putting on rain gear – the advantage of a larger tent



So we got packed early and almost retraced our way back to Gargrave. DH pulled my trailer  and we made it back to Gargrave where there is a railway station. On the train , I found that we could buy a ticket through to Selby so that’s what we did.  Mind you, Leeds station is large with many platforms and so we spent about an hour playing musical platforms up and down lifts until we could finally board a train with room for the bikes.

Once in Selby, rain still falling, we rode up to Riccall and camped for the night. We had hoped to get B&B but Peggy and Rod were full up. Peggy was so concerned that we would be warm enough but fortunately we have good equipment and it not a problem. We also hatched a plan.

Tuesday 30th May 2017

At 6.30am DS1 turned up with his car and loaded all bags and the trailer so that we didn’t have to carry them. The morning was overcast but warm , an ideal cycling day. So it was off up the planet track and through York.



I was going really well and we stopped by in Linton to see if our friends were at home. Unfortunately not, so we sat on the doorstep and had a bite to eat. Just as we were leaving we heard a familiar laugh and who should come around the corner but our dear friend M. She was very busy but did let me use her bathroom.

In the garden were some lovely aliums and poppies and some wild bees too.


Ii is surprising how you can notice something new on every trip. This is the church in Aldwark and I have never notice the brick/stone work. It reminds me of the churches in Norfolk.

Off again and up our usual route with another stop at Asenby to refuel. In Northallerton , we met another couple who were cycle touring riding from London to Edinburgh in aid of the local air ambulance. They were really packing in the miles but didn’t have much gear relying on finding a B&B each time they stopped. Braver and fitter than me.

When we got home I found that I had ridden 74 miles in 6.75 hours which I was really pleased with.


  1. You are very adventurous. The bees are impressive.

    • They have gone now. The local Apiarist couldn’t take them and they have flown off. This was in my friends garden

  2. I’ve just looked at the Cycle touring festival website. What a wonderful event. And all via volunteers. That’s terrific!
    Brenda, four of the photos in this post didn’t show up on my screen. They were the four after the first two that sit side-by-side. Were they bigger files or different camera?

  3. Thank you for writing these interesting posts Brenda – I know how long it takes but it is great for those of us who couldn’t get to the festival. In particular I like seeing the variety of tents that people had, especially that tiny one! Any idea what make it was?

    As others have said, several of your photos don’t show up, at least not on our desktop. They do on the Ipad.

    • Sorry \Lizzie I don’t know what the tiny bivy tent make was but I do know it was a very tight squeeze for a slim guy and it was stupid in the rain. he told me he didn’t sleep well at all.
      Sorry about the photos. I don’t know why but sometimes I get that on others photos too. makes no sense to me

  4. A marvellous description Brenda. And a great effort on the part of volunteers – and you of course! Loved your photos of the bees especially.

    • The feeling of camaraderie is lovely and I have made some good friends through attending. So often cycletourers who actually camp are fairly rare around here. I know others but they wouldn’t dream of actually camping but me- I love it.

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