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Cycle Touring Festival 2017 There and Back

Tuesday 23rd May 2017

Well, I have been waiting a year for the cycle touring festival to come around again and today was a beautiful sunny day , for our cycle ride to start touring over there. We took our usual route across to Northallerton and then along towards Topcliffe but here we turned off towards Rainton. Unfortunately, the road had collapsed causing flooding and the repair work had begun. We tried to find a way through but the workmen just would not allow us across the trench. Such a contrast to sites we have crossed in Europe where the workmen  weren’t as over safety conscious.  We did take a new to us way when we got nearer Ripon and went down through the very pretty village of Copt Hewick which has some very big houses.

Once in Ripon, we went to the Lockside caravan site and got pitched before 1pm which gave us time  to have a walk in to the town. We walked along  the canal side, grateful for some  shade under the trees as it was blisteringly hot – well for the north east of England. As we got nearer, we could see the flag flying at half mast. Just as we left early in the morning, we heard about the senseless, evil bombing at a pop concert in Manchester which we later heard had killed 22 and  injured many more. So sad for all those involved.

Here are a few photos.


and others.



We were delighted to see a duck with so many ducklings on the water and tried to count them all. I couldn’t get them all in but did get as many as I could.


We thought 16 but I couldn’t get them all. There are 13 on this photo.

In the evening , we had another walk after dinner , in the opposite direction and could see more wild life.



I was taken by this large bracket fungus growing on an old tree stump on the opposite bank. We crossed the canal further downstream before walking across a field and then down a road to the campsite.

Wednesday 24th May 2017

We knew today would be a hard one , crossing the Yorkshire Dales climbing to Pately Bridge and beyond, so DH decided he would pull my trailer as well as carrying his own load. He is my Superman . Once through Ripon, the climbs begin, gently at first but then getting  steeper and longer but that lead to some wonderful views.


Still smiling despite the hill climb

Of course, no climbs lasts forever and eventually there was a fast descent into Pately Bridge , where we stopped for 2nd breakfast. Even at 9.30am , it was so hot I had to slather on more factor 50 suntan cream. Then we had the worst climb , 25% out of the small Dales town and it seemed to go on forever. It even had DH walking and I pulled in to a farm gateway for a rest. A typical old farmer came down and had a chat about everything and anything. I think he was glad of someone to talk to but he did say to be careful going down hill as there have been some nasty  accidents resulting in a number of deaths. On that happy note , we set off again towards the summit of Greenhow hill . We could see Coldstone Cut and I had been wanting to go up there but just couldn’t summon the energy to walk or cycle up because it would have meant coming down again.


Off and walking

The farmer said we were almost at the top but as many who don’t cycle , they really have no idea just how far it is.


We stopped at Coldstone cut and stopped for a quick bite to eat. DH had made a ginger cake with chocolate chips in it too. We cut a chunk ate that and then another lump. Greedy perhaps but we felt ravenous. There is also a restored limestone kiln because this is an area of limestone production in the past.

Just after this , there is a downhill that was a welcome relief from struggling uphill and we were soon at the turn off for Starbottom. This is a twisting , steep road but half way down, it is really scary as there is a hairpin bend. My heart was in my mouth as we flew down, brakes being applied one by one to relieve  the braked being overstretched. There was a beautiful flower filled meadow which had a few sheep in and I couldn’t resist stopping to take a couple of photos.



A lady cyclist passed me and struggled on the uphill, so I shouted encouragement to her and then told myself I had to stay on and do well. Daft really, as there wasn’t anyone there to judge a hillclimb, but I wouldn’t want to let myself down.

Once through Burnsall, we missed a turning to Thorpe but rode along to Threshfield and took the road on to Cracoe. We stopped for a lemonade at the Devonshire Arms  before continuing on to Hetton and finally to the campsite at Gargrave,









  1. Beautiful photos of the scenery Brenda. I’d be walking at a 25% climb too! 🙂

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