Posted by: brendaintheboro | May 21, 2017

Ne’re cast a clout

Until May’s right out, as the saying goes.

I have never really been too sure about whether this means the month of May or the hawthorn flowers which locally are known as May flowers. Whatever it  means there is a lot of blooming going on . The weather has been a bit wetter and warmer , so I am seeing blossoming trees every where. Such beauty makes my heart sing but I also know that it will soon be gone. Already, the winds have taken away of lot of cherry blossom and the discarded petals lay in heaps on the pavements . People are complaining that they have to wash their cars more often because they look unsightly as they brown off.

We haven’t been riding much away from the town or along the river this week. DH has been fettling with my gears before we set off next week for the Cycle Touring Festival. I will be working until the last afternoon before we leave , so Saturday afternoon was spent getting our gear packed and ready. There wont be much time left on Monday , except for some last minute stuff. I do love to be off cycle camping  and we will be cycling through Yorkshire and in to Lancashire.

So I bought myself a new camera ( thanks for the recommendation Nick) and have started to try to get to grips with it. My old phone keeps telling me I don’t have enough memory. How right it is, I seem to forget stuff all the time now Heehee!

So, here are some photos from last week. A mixture of phone and camera photos of blossom and birds.


It’s lovely to see the birds and their young. I did see 2 tiny coots but couldn’t get a photo of them but I am really pleased with  this one of the geese.



We also went along the river early on Saturday morning and there was a rowing regatta on and I got these shots of one of the races and the rescue boat.


Finally some flowers on trees and the yellow flag irises that always make me think of my past kayaking trips off the west coast of Scotland. They always seemed to be blooming when we went up there in May. Being early meant we escaped most of the plaques of Midgies.


So the tally for this week is another 60 miles making 1257 miles YTD





  1. What sort is your new camera, if you don’t mind me asking? You should get good weather for your cycle adventure.

    • Hi TP. The camera is a Panansonic lumix TZ70. Its a fancy point and shoot but it has a 30x optical zoom and 30x digital zoom. I am using the automatic settings until I learn a bit more because it can be used manually. My son has given me a little pedestal thing but I would be a bit wary of using it without it being well secured. Can you give any tips on getting better photos please

      • I hesitate to give photographic advice because I am just a dabbler myself but one thing that is helpful is to try and get good contrast between foreground and background as this helps the camera focus . The other tip is to remember that your eye is highly selective in what it sees and so you can enjoy a bright flower at thirty yards while the camera sees the road and the verge and the three empty plastic bags between you and the flower which you were able to ignore. Go for uncluttered shots.
        Good shooting.

      • Thanks TP . Will remember that very useful tip

  2. I hope you have a fantastic time cycle camping Brenda and enjoy playing with the new camera. I always find flowers difficult to photograph as there is often some type of movement in the flower. Your geese photo has beautiful reflections. Shall look forward to reading about your tour!

  3. I love the photos with your new camera Brenda. What sort of geese are those coloured ones? And is that a Golden Rain tree? Probably has a local name and I can’t recall the botanical one. Either way it’s gorgeous.

    • Hi Robyn the tree is a laburnum. I like the term golden rain but can’t say it is. As for the geese I am not sure. Are they the brown and black ones?

      • Yes the brown and black ones Brenda. I’ll check the botanical name for golden rain tree. Whatever it is I love it.

      • hi Robyn – I always think of them as Canada Geese but may well be mistaken.

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