Posted by: brendaintheboro | May 13, 2017

Not all my own write up

Today, is my wonderful DH’s 66 Birthday and here is a write up he did for his birthday treat ride earlier this week. He is my Superman.


Jozef’s 66th Birthday Ride

 On Thursday morning 11th May I woke up at 3.15 am and organized some things to take on what I am calling my Birthday ride. I was on my way by 3.55 am. While riding along  Acklam road I saw a fox run across the road. There was very little traffic.

 On towards Stokesley , and then up through Great Broughton but before climbing Clay Bank I took off my yellow jacket and had a drink of water then off I went. The wind up to now was a bit confusing  blowing from every direction but when I turned to the steeper part it suddenly swung round and I could feel it on my back. This allowed me to achieve between 3 and 5 miles an hour. (haha). When at  top , I turned into the car park  I stopped to to have a drink and a biscuit. It was quite misty while heading along  through Bilsdale  which was actually very attractive It would have been nice to have some pictures but they didn’t come out very well . On through Chop Gate it seems to me that these roads are longer and the hills steeper than last time. Loads of rabbits running around and I noticed a bit of road kill some quite fresh On through Helmsley, Sproxton, Oswaldkirk, Stillington, Sutton-on-the-Forest and then along a busy road to York.

I stopped near Roundtree park on a bench over looking the river and had some of my all day breakfast. I make this in a plastic tub with granola and yogurt which softens up as they day goes by. I find it very sustaining but only have a small amount at a time hence it lasts all day.

 This was not a long stop , 52 miles to this point I just started riding again when  Brenda rang so I stopped to talk but only  for a short conversation  as I was eager to get on.  Along the  river path and over the race course towards  the planet track down to  Riccall and  along to Selby. It was  66 Miles to  the bridge at Selby and now  now 10.15am this was  the turn around point .


Back in Riccall I called in to  see Rod and  Peggy at South Newlands Farm  and have a little talk and use their facilities.  In the village I bought  two ice lollies, sitting and eating one  and then eating the other as I rode up the Planet track. .  Back in  York , I again sat on  the bench near the river had some more to eat and drink. Along to Lendal bridge and over to the north side and along to Rawcliffe following the river path and then up towards Benningborough.  Instead of going thought the hall grounds,  I followed the cycle route around  the hall thinking it may have been repaired by now but unfortunately not. Its is still in need of repairing.  Passing through Newton on Ouse and along to Linton on Ouse I  saw my friend John’s van so called in to see if he was home. He was, and very kindly made me a drink.


Now heading for Aldwark village and remembering to turn left at Flawith, it was on through Helperby Brafferton  and up to  Cundall . By now it was  3.00pm and I  stopped  at Asenby for a drink and a brief call home. On through Topcliffe , Sandhutton, ,South Otterington and to Northallerton. I  stopped here for a drink and more of my all day breakfast while sitting on the bench just at the entrance to Tesco’s  now at  4.30pm. Another of our usual stopping places.

I must say I was  now feeling a little ache across my shoulders and  in my feet. So I pressed  on through Brompton, Deighton and down to Appleton Wiske and on to Yarm into Preston park. I decided, to get the miles in , I would ride  along to the path heading to Stockton . I saw another cyclist coming towards me and was surprised to see it was my friend Ben Willis on his  way home from work. Another brief stop to chat, and along the river crossing at the Tees Barrage  and into the town and through to Albert park, where  I did a figure of eight in the park so I could achieve my goal of 150 miles in the day and I did it.

Unfortunately , the app on my phone, Ride with GPS , had stopped working , so I don’t have full details mapped out but I did it. I was home by 6.45 pm and this was all on my Koga Randonneur. I don’t have a lightweight racing bike.

Yes this is almost the same as we rode over the Easter holiday with the exception of going to Tadcaster, for those of you who read regularly . However, he managed it in one day!!

The hawthorn trees are fully blooming now so hopefully summer will soon be here and we can ride in shorts and shirtsleeves.

For myself, I rode  56 miles this week, all local runs not going any further away than Middleton One Row. I did happen to see goslings in Albert Park though.


YTD 1197 miles







  1. You are amazing, love reading about your journeys, keep up the great work!

  2. An impressive ride. I can only dream about such distances….especially if it involves getting up so early.

    • wish I could keep up with him. still he has said this is the last time he will do it. He has said that before so we will wait and see.

      • I hope that he doesn’t slow down.

  3. What an epic ride Joe. I could not imagine setting off at that time.
    Happy birthday.
    I am now coming up to 70 years old meaning we have known each other for 44 years.
    Anyway keep up the good work and Keep Cycling.
    Jim Morris

    • Hi Jim, great to hear from you. Yes it is 54 years and where have they gone so fast.

  4. Hi Joe, you did very well there. I shall have a treat on my birthday, but it won’t be cycling.

  5. Joe, me again.
    I can’t count its 54 years not 44 years. Must be my age.

  6. What a great way to spend your birthday. Happy birthday DH.
    Nice photo of the goslings Brenda.

    • thank you Gail. on his actual birthday , he went and helped someone instead of going out for a meal or a ride. he is one in a million.

      • That’s great Brenda 👌

  7. Well done, Jozef, on your mega birthday ride!

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