Posted by: brendaintheboro | May 7, 2017

A dry week

Well, so far May has been a rain free week, well almost, in this part of the world. Nothing that stopped cycling and I did get out most days. The usual river or park rides, early in the day, as the sun is well risen by 6.00am at this time of the year.

The trees are in full bloom and the smell from the hawthorn hedges with there white blossom, is  a delight. Its amazing how scent invokes memories. I can remember my dear old Great Grandfather Robert Pears taking me for long walks before I was the age to attend school. He would walk me for miles and I can recall how he used to call the hawthorn May Flowers.  Ahh, how I smile at those memories.

The fields are also full of bright lemon yellow rapeseed flowers which really brighten the landscape. My famers wife friend J, says that her house is surrounded by such fields. They allow beehives to be housed in the fields and in return they are given some honey. She tells me that the honey produced is very pale, almost white , which surprises me as I would expect something much more yellow. This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago but you can see the yellow.

I have been sewing this week making leggings and 3/4 length for DH. Mine are multi coloured but DH will only have black.

  • On Friday evening, we went to the preview of the small art exhibition at the Python Gallery in Middlesbrough. I have 3 pieces in there and there has even been a postcard made of this one.

On Saturday, we were able to take a longer ride. We seem to have been in every direction lately, so decided a ride over to Cozy Coffee near Brafferton, to have some of Rosie’s delicious homemade cake.

It was our usual ride along through Stockton and up through Bishopton and Great Stainton to the lovely shepherd’s hut , housing this tiny little café. The weather has had a lot of northerly or north-easterly  winds and Saturday was no exception. Still, it was mainly on our backs going there and we got a lovely warm welcome. We haven’t been there too often but the ever cheerful Rosie remembered we drink hot chocolate and not coffee.  We also had fish finger butties ( haven’t had one in years)  and to finish  off very moist cherry cake. Yummy.

Cozy Coffee has become popular with cyclists, as word of mouth has spread the word. Rosie has now installed a tap so that water bottles can be filled without having to ask,  a well thought out addition.

When we left, the weather had become colder, so we wrapped up well against the wind and headed off through Coatham Mundeville and onto the cycle track alongside the road to Darlington. I have to say , I do wish cars and  vans would not park on the cycle track. We had to stop a number of times to negotiate open doors , completely blocking the way.

Returning home through Sadberge, I stopped to photograph this little addition to the village, next to the church, made by local school children. They are probably doing a project on the Anglo Saxons. The village has Viking origins apparently meaning flat topped hill and that’s just where the village sits, on the top of a hill.

So the mileage since Tuesday has been 59 miles making my YTD 1141 miles.


  1. Some enjoyable rides and a dose of creativity – a good week all round Brenda. It’s so pleasant to have a cafe that you enjoy riding to and is welcoming.

  2. I love the artwork Brenda.

  3. Such a lovely time of the year to be out enjoying the countryside. Different scents evoke memories for me too. How nice to think of your great grandad when you smell hawthorn. How amazing you actually knew him! Wish I could experience Rosie’s lovely hospitality and food. And I am just in awe of your needlework piece – gorgeous! Is it called quilting when it’s done on a machine?

    • yes Robyn. Gone are the days when all quilting was done by hand – but I admire those who can hand quilt. I just never had the time or interest to perfect that particular skill .

      • It is a very different result too Brenda. More refined.

      • Why thank you for the compliment

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