Posted by: brendaintheboro | May 1, 2017

Spring into May

Sorry I haven’t posted  since the Easter write up. Life gets in the way sometimes and DH has been very thankful for our NHS which he has had to use twice in as many weeks. He had to be seen yesterday as he has an infection in his finger now and being a bank holiday weekend , didn’t want to wait until Tuesday. The NHS111 came up trumps and he was seen an hour after phoning and given antibiotics to prevent the infection getting into the bone,

I have kept up with almost daily riding but some days the weather hasn’t been brilliant and what with rain and hail, I kept the mileage down. We didn’t manage to get away cycle camping this  weekend but have managed two reasonable rides. On Saturday , we took a ride over through Ingleby Barwick calling on a friend who is recovering from a stroke and  then up through Hilton and over the bank into Stokesley. We took a route we followed earlier this year , up through Kirkby and Great Broughton and on to Ingleby Greenhow. This kept us skirting the bottom of the Cleveland hills, so it was an easy ride.

We picnicked here toasting our sandwiches on the little gas stove and hot chocolate with water from the Stanley steel flask. I have to say that we have had other steel flasks but none has been as good as this one in keeping boiling water , hot for hours. I have no affiliation with the company.

The wild flowers are looking abundant at present and cowslips seem to be popping up everywhere. Dandelions are also lining the grass verges too.

After eating we rode past Battersby junction and took the road to Great Ayton.  We were going to take the same route as on a previous occasion until DH reminded me that it was a busier road so we turned back and went on the B1292 and then crossed the A172 and on to Newby.  We turned towards home riding down through Stainton village and Hemlington  and back home.

We rode on our folding bikes for the trip as we have been talking about what we may do later in the summer and we wanted to try out various panniers to see how they fit. We think that we have enough with what we have but I may have to make a different handlebar bag as my Ortlieb one cant be used with the front panniers. So that was 43 miles and DH has got used to the gearing on the Bickerton.

Today, May day, we decided as it was reasonably fine, weak sunshine, we decided to head in the opposite direction ie north.  So it was off up the Castle Eden walkway and up through Station town. There were a lot of cyclists and walkers on the old railway line, but it was sheltered from a brisk Easterly wind blowing across the North Sea. So we turned off NCN 1 and down on NCN14 into Hartlepool. The closer we got to the coast , the colder it became .The visibility was poor as the haar(mist) had blown in and the sea was rough with waves crashing in.

Turning towards the old part of town, The Headland, we lunched in a small park that kept the wind off us.  These flowers were so bright against the grey day. They look like what I know as sea pinks or thrift. That at least is what my great grandfather called them.

We again had toasted sandwiches and hot chocolate and I was so glad as it was chilly and I forgot to bring the warm jackets.

There were more people along the promenade than I thought there would be, so we weaved through them. We didn’t stop in Seaton Carew but there were plenty of people waiting outside the fish and chip shops. We had the wind on our backs all the way back to RSPB Saltholme.  At the exit we usually use, they have been having problems with youths on off road motorcycles entering the reserve. It meant that we had to take the pannier off  and then lift the bikes over, as the handlebars wouldn’t go through the way they have made the exit. Cant say I blame them, but if I had been on my own , I wouldn’t have been able to get out.

Then it was off to the Boro . DH decided to go a bit further but wished he hadn’t , as he got a puncture and had to change the tube, so he had mucky hands when he got back. Good job he had the tools with him. So that was 45 miles.

So I am pleased to say that I have completed 1082 miles to date. woohoo!



  1. Motorbike deterrent gates are a nightmare for cyclists with panniers but there doesn’t seem to be a solution. Well done on the 1000 miles. Those sea pinks are stunning.

  2. Such brightly coloured flowers – not sure what they are? Congratulations on the big mileage count – again!

    • HI Robyn, Tootlepedal another commenter has confirmed that they are sea pinks. I haven’t seen such vividly coloured ones either. The wild ones are usually much paler pink. You should see his blog, wonderful garden and some stunning bird photography.

      • Thanks Brenda. I’ll take a look

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