Posted by: brendaintheboro | April 19, 2017

Easter week – part 3

Easter Sunday  16th April 2017

The day started well with a dry tent and a bit of week sunshine. We packed up quickly and left our packs in the storage area at South Newlands Farm before setting off for church in Selby as we didn’t want to miss the Easter service. Christ is risen. Joy

Crossing the A19 was easy because it was early and we rode down through Barlby where there is a lot of new house building going on. We spotted a couple of young missionaries on bicycles headed towards us and they were going to ride with a new member. We got to the chapel at 9.00am but it wasn’t open but the missionaries soon arrived with the key. I enjoyed sitting in the sunshine while we waited and a good job I did.

We enjoyed the service and when we came out, it was raining. Still , we have rain gear so on it went and it was a wet ride up to Riccall and than to the planet track. This photo was taken the day before but I wanted to include it.

There wasn’t much a headwind, which was just as well as the rain came down steadily. That fine rain that wets through. We passed by the Treat Trike but didn’t stop , although we waved a cheery hello. The lady was just packing up to leave and I cant say I blame her. We again stopped in Rowntree park for 2nd breakfast which was actually lunchtime, but we weren’t bothered. It was food.

The rain eased a little as we rode through the water meadows, which were much easier to reach as there weren’t as many tourists about. I was really shocked to see young cattle – don’t ask if they were male or female, I couldn’t see well enough. I have ridden over cattle grids along here for years and this is the first time I have seen the need for them.

After this we were back on to minor roads that pass over 2 railway bridges  before riding through the grounds of Benningborough Hall. There was a wonderful sight as the woods were covered in bluebells. The trees in Newton on Ouse were full of pink and white blossom too. Up through Newton on Ouse and Linton before crossing the river on the Aldwark toll bridge ( still toll free for cycles) and on to Great Ouseburn. There is a choice of route up to Boroughbridge but we took the most direct one.

We got to the campsite at 5.30pm , just as the manager was cashing up. I think she would have preferred us to arrive earlier.  I was sad to see that the old tent pitches near the river have all been converted to hard standings . Shame. Willan Holding who satred the club would be saddened too I think as he was a cyclist and canoeist.

I got really cold as we pitched the tent and I couldn’t be bothered to have a shower as it would have meant walking back in the rain. So I cleaned off in the tent and put on dry clothes, cooked a meal and went to bed. I was tucked up by 8.00am and soon warmed up and dropped off to sleep.

Easter Monday 17th April 2017

I slept very soundly until 5.30am when the dawn chorus woke me.  The tent was still wet but we wiped it down with a cloth and it was almost dry by the time we finally took it down. We followed our usual route home, up towards Kirby Hill and through Norton le Clay  to Cundall. The wind steadily increased in strength  and unfortunately was in our faces all the way back home.

By the time we got to South Otterington, I was feeling really weary so I asked DH if he would pull the trailer, as I felt I was holding the others up.

DH was only too pleased and had it for the rest of the day.  He had offered a number of times but I always refused so he said that if I wanted him to take it, I had to ask on the flat and not at the bottom of the hill.  I was able to cycle much faster after that so I treated us all to hot chocolate when we got to Northallerton. We took our usual route back home and were delighted to see Davy Redlegs peddling down into Brompton. So it was home by 4.00pm , just time to get all the gear put away.

The total mileage for the trip was 196 miles and YTD is 928miles


  1. Excellent work and good mileage. I am glad that you seem to be back in full working order.

  2. I admire your resolve – riding in the rain – and, all those miles to boot! I’ve not heard of second breakfast before Brenda. I guess you deserve it after that effort.

    • 2nd breakfast comes from the Hobbit. we like the idea of having them just like Hobbits heehee

      • Ahhh, I don’t remember that but I will now.

  3. Great riding Brenda. So glad to see you clocking up the miles again. I was wondering what the Planet Track was… 🙂

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