Posted by: brendaintheboro | April 18, 2017

Easter week Part 1

Well, I was lucky enough to get in my first camping trip of the year, setting off for a short tour on North Yorkshire. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t as good as last week but we  made the most of it. So the early part of the week saw us getting out equipment, looking at weather forecasts and deciding just what we would take. As the night time temperatures were going to be low, I decided we would take our 3 season sleeping bags and the home made quilt to keep us warm, along with our Exped downmats. It was also decided that we would use the trailer and I would pack them all in. My Radical designs trailer took them all and my clothes and other extras.

So Maundy Thursday saw us ready for the off in the early hours after we had eaten a good breakfast of scrambled eggs on toast. I always find that I do better with a high protein breakfast. so didn’t stop for 2nd breakfast and we headed off on known routes across to Yarm and up to Kirklevington and on to Appleton Wiske.  DH had offered to take the trailer for the incline up to Deighton but I said I wanted to try and I did manage it. and then we were in  Northallerton.  We did buy some lunch supplies from the supermarket but  rode on another 10 miles in cool sunshine but with a wind on our backs. We 2nd breakfasted in Asenby having ridden about 36 miles. The temperature had risen from 7C to 14C so it was pleasant out of the wind.

We carry small boxes pre-filled with granola and yogurt and this becomes porridge like but is sustaining. After eating it was off again and I was delighted to get up the hill to Cundall School and then across the undulating countryside to Brafferton/Helperby and then across to Easingwold. Sitting under the old market shelter, we dined on delicious cheddar and red onion foccia with turkey.

Then it was back out onto the main road and turned off to Stillington and in the village turned off towards Sheriff Hutton.  The Camping and Caravanning club site is just outside the village in East Lilling.

The same site managers have been there for 4 years and recognised us so we got a warm welcome. We good a good pitch and  soon had the tent up and dinner cooked. 56 miles


  1. I admire your enterprise. I would really struggle to tow a trailer let alone camp.

    • I just love camping. DH isnt as keen but loves me so comes along.

  2. Brenda, I can hardly believe you carried all of the gear in the picture on your trailer. Amazing! You look incredibly well set up. I hope you weren’t cold.

    • we do have a great set up with good gear . As we have become older we do need to have a sea instead of sitting on the ground. These Helinox ones are superb

      • Very canny

      • Canny- that’s a northern English word. Your ancestors must have come from here abouts

      • Oh really! I did have English ancestors on my dad’s side. But I also think some expressions come from being a reader.

  3. I’m getting to know Yorkshire almost as well as you now. I recognise those place names, and the bench in Easingwold.

    • I think you probably know some parts of Yorkshire better than us

  4. Great to see you touring again Brenda. 🙂

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