Posted by: brendaintheboro | April 9, 2017

A week of Sunshine – gasp!!!

That’s right we have had a week without rain here in my part of the UK. Spring seems to be bursting all over. There are still plenty of daffodils but some are beginning to die off while there is an abundance of blossom on the trees. On that note I have also finished off a wall hanging showing blossoming trees for an upcoming art exhibition in May.


I was also glad to receive a new ruler from Craft-UK. Can you see Andy even put my name on it.

Cycling has been good on the early mornings , mainly along the river and  back before work .

The weather was so still one morning that I had to stop and take a photo of the cooling towers and reflections .

I did take a half day on Wednesday to meet with some old school friends that I haven’t seen in 50 years. Yes that’s right and I had a lovely evening up in Seaburn catching up with all the news. One thing I did note, we all had similar figures to what we had on leaving school, maybe a little larger but still the same shapes. They were surprised to hear that I still don’t drink alcohol and attend church each week. What a joy it was to hear about the families and where they had gone. At 18, M who seemed so quiet, had gone hitch-hiking to Greece to met her husband and now lives in Italy. She says her siblings think she has become very Italian but if loving your parents  and children wholeheartedly, is Italian, long may it last.

Saturday saw more beautiful weather. We had committed to help with a clean up  in an area of Hartlepool supporting the local community. We had attendees from the LDS church in the surrounding towns and missionaries helping to tidy and care for the local church cemetery and planter boxes where the local council had dumped top soil onto the flowers and weeds. That is what DH and I did after cycling there. We came back into Seaton Carew and picnicked at the bus shelter as there was a cold wind off the North Sea. We still had an ice cream each though standing in the sunshine.

We went back to Saltholme by a different route to the one we usually travel and this had much less traffic on it.

We called in to a supermarket on the way home, completing 30 miles for the day

So my total this week was 85 miles and YTD 709 miles.



  1. The sunshine has been lovely, but it’s gone quite windy here tonight

    • same here Ilona – hope Easter isnt too wet and windy as we have plans

  2. Great wall hanging and the ruler looks exciting too.

  3. Brenda, I just love your blossoming tree needlework – gorgeous! The photo with reflections is lovely too. I can almost feel your good weather from here.

    • here in the UK we have to make the most

    • here in the UK , we have o make the most of it. Already, it has become cooler and breezier and it seems the weekend wont be so good.

  4. What a blessing to be under such clear blue skies Brenda. These are always my favourite days for riding. I really like your photo of your wall-hanging. It’s beautiful!

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