Posted by: brendaintheboro | April 2, 2017

Spring Clean


Plenty on workwise this week and a promise to help spring clean the river Tees paths has kept the mileage down this week. We did get out and about early in the mornings though and now we have gone to British Summer Time again, the mornings are dark again. So its back to having plenty of lights on to be seen by early traffic that doesn’t expect to see cyclists out  at 6.00am.

It was joyous to be out and hear the dawn chorus as we rode along either to go to the river or up to Ladgate lane , so nothing very adventurous I am afraid.

On Saturday morning we met up with a small group to clear up rubbish along the paths. I realised I wouldn’t be able to hold on to a rubbish bag as it grew heavier, so I took my trailer along so I could ride along and pick up sacks that others had retrieved.  In the bushes the remains of an old bike had been dumped  but N said he would take it , as he is planning to make a pedal powered boat and bits that he needed were still intact. Recycling, I love it. I am hoping he gets it made this year and on the water.

We also found a fire extinguisher that was actually retrieved from the river. There were also 16 sacks of rubbish mainly cans and bottles . In the Netherlands and Germany these would go back to the shops to be recycled and give tokens to be spent in the shop. It is noticeable that the number of plastic bags that were discarded is much less since the plastic bag charge started for supermarkets and larger businesses. I do hope that they will start a deposit scheme for cans and bottles and I cam sure we would see a drop in the detritus.

I recall going to kayak in Poland in 1989, just after the Berlin wall came down and Poland became free of communist control. There was very little in the way of rubbish in the streets and rivers 1. because they had so little 2. the Poles are very inventive when it comes to using everything. However, after the US companies came in, the amount of rubbish  – bottles , cans etc became so much more evident. It was very sad to see.

Anyway. I digress. Here are a couple of photos of our little group.

Miles this week 67    YTD 624miles




  1. You may not have noticed but people have just voted for Brexit so that they don’t have to be bothered with stupid ‘foreign’ regulations that keep the countryside clear of littler. I don’t see the government suggesting new regulations in the near future though i agree absolutely with your thoughts on deposits.

    Well done for the spring clean.

  2. Great community spirit! Not only helping the environment but setting an example for others to aspire to.

  3. Well done!!! It is a thankless task at the time, knowing you are clearing up others’ thoughtlessness, but no one else will do it. Well done to you and your group in making these particular trails a safer, cleaner, more pleasurable place.

    • all we can do , is try to show a better way.

  4. Well done, you did a good job there.

  5. Your insights into Poland are really interesting so it’s good to know the plastic bag charge is having some impact in the UK. Roadside litter is more easily seen if you’re riding or walking and it’s unsightly. Using your trailer is a great idea! And a top photo too 🙂

    • Thanks Gail. When we first went to Poland there was nothing I. The shops to speak of. I. A matter of 5 years we saw the change after communism to consumerism. Not always for the best.

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