Posted by: brendaintheboro | March 26, 2017

English Weather

If you don’t like  it, wait a few hours and it will change. We have had it all this past week, rain, hail, snow in places and sunshine. Did I get out cycling – you bet I did except I didn’t go so far on the worst days.

Last Sunday, there was a football match that disrupted the depositing of church moneys into the bank , so in the early evening DH and I cycled in to town and back to use the night safe. Only a short ride but those miles add up.

Because of the lighter mornings , Monday dawned clear and not cold , so we had a ride in the sunshine along the river Tees. I love the early mornings in springtime, when the birds are up and about. Tuesday saw is doing much the same but the weather became much more windy and it was a bit of a push. Later in the day the weather deteriorated quite a bit with rain and hail and snow on the hills. By Wednesday, gale force winds kept me in  as I was afraid of the gusts as I don’t want to be blown off. I am still protective of that fracture site.

DH and sons have had a viral infection and so on Thursday, DH decided he wasn’t coming out to play in the rain. Spoil sport. Well I was going so off I went. I also had some early work so could   only fit in  9 miles but still it all adds up as I keep saying. Friday was  much the same except the weather had certainly made a vast improvement. I was a bit miffed as a women’s group that cycle were all going off together  but I had work. Mind you I love what I do.

I was so pleased that Saturday dawned very cold but sunny and the prospect of a great day ahead. Where would we go. DH asked how many miles I wanted to get in. Really I wanted 100 miles for the week so I had a look at old routes and we determined on a ride to Danby Wiske in North Yorkshire. DS1 said he would come part way with us. So we loaded up the slow cooker with ingredients to cook gently while we were out and got our picnic gear  ready. We waited until 9.00am to leave to give the frost time to lift and set off across to Thornaby and up through Yarm. It was heaving with traffic so we actually walked a short way to avoid the queuing cars  before we could ride again once past the old town hall. Riding up the bank we were past by a sporty young couple on lightweight racers. It was surprising to see them resting at the top, while we carried on. As I remarked to a passing walker, what I lack in speed, I make up for by stamina. A speed merchant I most definitely am not.

We turned along forest lane at Kirklevington and  along to Appleton Wiske. This is where DS1 turned off to ride down to one of his favourite cafes . We carried on to Hornby and Great Smeaton before turning for East Cowton. When we got there DH stopped opposite a post office and asked if there was anything I wanted? No, why? Turned out he fancied some sweeties to suck. So in I went and got some mint humbugs and butterscotch. The lady at the counter, asked where I had cycled from and when I said Middlesbrough, she was amazed. I said its only about 21 miles. She asked if I wanted a cup of tea. No thanks but a nice thought. We carried on and went into North Cowton and had a little sit near the primary school. I took a photo of some tiny blue flowers , almost over shadowed by the daffodils.   I have no idea what they are but I hope someone can enlighten me.

There was another couple about our age who also had a short stop on another convenient bench. On checking the map , I decided going on to Scorton would add a few too many miles, so we back tracked to the main road and climbed the hill before turning off to Streetlam. It was odd that only on Friday, and elderly patient had talked about being stationed there when he was doing his national service. Apparently, there were 5 army camps in the area just at the end of WW2. No signs of them now.
There was only a gentle breeze and we sat on a bench at the corner of the village green in Danby Wiske while I toasted out cheese sandwiches over out tiny gas stove and had a chocolate muffin with hot chocolate. Another couple on touring bikes past by and it was only as we were leaving , we saw them lunching. Turns out they too are avid cycle campers and live in Darlington. I told them about the cycle touring  festival in Clitheroe at the end of May and they asked if we knew that the York cycle festival has started again. Always nice to meet those with similar interests. We were on the road to Yafforth when we saw our first spring lambs in the fields on both side of the road.

We followed the minor road to Yafforth and Romanby before arriving in Northallerton where we had another brief stop. DH and I discussed which way to go home. The most direct route or a little longer one. Well, why not go to Deighton and then turn off to go through the Rountons and across the A19 bridge towards Hutton Rudby. There is a nasty bank there . Not so much the inclination, although it is a short steep one, but the road surface is awful. I opted to get off and walk the last bit. No shame in walking but it was the only one of the day. We stopped on the green and had another refuel.

Oranges and yogurt and a biscuit to munch on, washed down with plenty of water.

As you can see even by late afternoon, the views were stunning towards the Cleveland hills. We rode along to Hilton and then down through Ingleby Barwick to the river Tees. We rode along before crossing at the barrage . We picked up some bread rolls at the supermarket  to have with the soup. At home , the sons had already got some so they went in the freezer. Mileage for the day 61.6 miles made me feel good , if not tired.

So mileage for the week is 113.1 miles an YTD is 557 miles




  1. Despite all the changes in the weather during the week, it looks like you had a top day on Saturday. A big day of miles too, Brenda. You’ve got Spring in your step 🙂

    • it was a fabulous day and I was elated that I could get the miles in. tired on Sunday though heehee

  2. It was a great day for a pedal so I am glad that you were able to get out.

  3. I’m pretty sure the flowers are speedwell. Your photos, and the place names, remind me of holidays spent up north in my early teens – beautiful countryside.

    • thanks for the flower name Lizzie. it was tiny but beautiful. it is lovely round there and only 20 miles from home

  4. It was glorious on Saturday. I got out with my husband but only for a quick 24 miles. Out with the ladies group this evening. It’ll be nice to set off in daylight!

  5. My goodness, Brenda, you can certainly roll out those miles. I just love all the names of the places you visit, so quirky and quaint. Glad to hear your confidence is returning after your injury. Riding in wet and windy (but not gale-force) conditions takes some pluck.

    • so may of the name around here have a Viking influence as about 1100 years ago this part of the country was ruled by the Danelaw – it has also come through in our place names. I suppose its the same in Oz, as I have seen some place names that must have ancient peoples influence.

      • Yes you’re right Brenda. It’s always interesting to see the history in place names

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