Posted by: brendaintheboro | March 19, 2017

Windy Old Weather

Just as it says , it has been a windy old week but fortunately not to wet for us. There was a 16 year old lad killed last week as there were 4 in the car and it was being chased by the police and crashed. I feel so sad that if he hadn’t got into that car with a young driver who has been charged with many offenses, then he would still be alive.

There were a lot of floral tributes and balloons and the railings at Albert park and I couldn’t help but think that the money spent on them , would have been far better donated for his funeral expenses. Am I wrong?

Anyway, DH has felt under the weather this week , so I have been riding on my own a lot. Come Saturday, I asked him if he fancied a ride but didn’t want a long one. I suggested getting the bus through to Barnard Castle and cycling back , but he didn’t want that. I then suggested driving with the folders in the car to Eppleby, so that I could take photos of the daffodils.

So that is what we did. We unloaded the bikes and then went for a ride. It was a strong  WNW wind so it was in our faces as we rode along towards Winston. Instead of dropping down into the valley, we turned for Ovington and then down to Hutton Magna.   As we approached Ovington we could hear the Tees thundering in the valley below. We  saw a gap in the hedge and I was able to look down and see the noise was caused by rapids but they sounded much bigger.


We were hoping to get a track across to Caldwell but after following what we thought was the correct bridle path we could see it was a dead end. Oh well, back track and use another road.

When we got back to Eppleby, shock , horror, we actually ate in the café. heehee. A nice cheese toastie and salad.

So my mileage is down to 57 miles this week. YTD 444 mi



  1. Wind is hard to bear. It makes cycling a chore.

  2. Very good YTD mileage for someone who suffered an injury not so long ago!

    • thanks Lizzie, I hope to do better this week depending on available time + weather conditions. how are you doing?

      • Did Childrey Classic Sportive yesterday in windiest weather I’ve ever cycled in! About 34 miles including distance to and from home. 3 1/2 hours……

      • You did well. Weather getting windier as the day goes on

  3. Sad about the boy, you are right about the money spent on flowers.

  4. The rows of daffodils are sweet.

    • the spring flowers are just lovely. hope you are feeling better

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