Posted by: brendaintheboro | March 12, 2017

Lengthening days

It is becoming apparent now that the days are stretching out at both ends. I laughed today when  a friend told me her husband had seen it on FB that the clocks needed to go back an hour. He had changed them , not realising that this was the US time change not the UK one which isnt until the 26th March 2017. I am really looking forward to the lighter evenings. 

Sorry not many photos this week but I took this at the community orchard that I am involved in  with an art project . We hope it will be saved from the developers.

Monday was a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine. DS1 and I had the time to ride through to Saltburn as I wanted to go to the knitting shop there to buy a circular needle. Isn’t it always the same, you have every size but that size that you need. A prior phone call ensured we didn’t have a wasted journey. We cycled along the trunk road and along Redcar prom and then followed NCN1 up to Saltburn. DS1 hasn’t cycled that way in a while and was pleased with how good the path surface is on the trunk road now.   On the prom we saw another cyclist coming towards us. I thought , oh he’s got panniers on and then realised it was DH. He didn’t stop as he had already ridden the way we were going home.  After the needle buying, we called into Stonehouse bakery and bought a lovely hot panini and cake and a hot chocolate for £3.90 each . It was a lot  less expensive than going to a coffee shop. We sat in the sunshine in the square  and enjoyed the warmth.

On the return journey, the sun disappeared behind clouds but we were lucky to get home before the rain started in earnest .  So that was a good 30 miles ride.

The next 3 days were only short distances because of work commitments. One of the things we did on Wednesday, was to go to apply for DH’s OAP bus pass. We left our bikes at the Cycle Centre in the bus station and walked to the building. Unfortunately, DH couldn’t get sorted as thieves had stolen the equipment and although they had a  replacement, it wasn’t connected to the central system. So he had to go back later in the week . I did go with him but sat in sunshine once again while I waited for him and watched the bikes. Don’t want them stolen, do we?

We hoped for such weather on Friday, but it wasn’t to be. However, we weren’t put off. I wanted to get in a 50 miles ride. We got away from home at 9.00am and rode across through Stockton and along NCN14 until we got to near the Whinneys near Middleton St George. Because of all the rain we have had , mainly overnight, we knew that we had to avoid the nature reserve and the usual track to Darlington. Once through  the village, DS1 decided to leave us and we headed down through Neasham and Hurworth and then crossed the bridge at Croft.

From here we were on NCN165 for a while as we turned right up towards Barton. From pervious rides we knew not to go through the village but turned right again and came to the old roman road. I do like these old roads that have been modernised but still has the  same ancient route. I like the way they are straight but undulate across the country.

We turned left into Aldborough Saint John, another little North Yorkshire village and then crossed the bridge and again turned right up towards Forcett. Here we turned off for the village of Eppleby, our destination for the day. Don’t say me DH never takes me out to lunch. We sat in the bus shelter and toasted out cheese sandwiches and had hot chocolate. We did buy chocolate fudge cake in the village Post Office/shop/cafe . I was hoping the daffodils would be in bloom , but no so just yet. Next weekend should see this beautiful long village green awash with daffodils dancing in the breeze. Hopefully we will get back before they all die off.

We returned via Manfield and Cleasby before cycling through Darlington. I didn’t even stop to go to the fabric shop !!! We followed our usual route but once over the A66 bridge, we turned and road along the path alongside this busy road. We decided to return via Sadberg because of the boggy paths and this was the best decision. We had another brief hot chocolate stop  before riding home through Stockton and back home  51.8 miles

On Saturday, we only had a short ride because we needed to go food shopping and to visit my brother who is just back from his holiday home in Tenerife. When we got home, we decided to try one of the paths on a cycle map but it wasn’t very good so we turned back.

So this week I cycled 114 miles so the YTD total is 387miles



  1. It’s great to read about you enjoying some sunshine Brenda. That must be a wonderful feeling. I know what you mean about the old roads. While ours aren’t nearly as old as yours, they still have that harmony with the landscape – following the land instead of carving straight lines through it as modern highways do.

    • The roman roads are very straight but undulate across the country. When I looked at the OS map the road we were on is marked as Dere Street and took the Romans up towards Hadrians Wall built to keep out the Barbarian hoards.

      • Amazing to have that history on the roads you ride.

      • Gail, here in the north of the UK there is fascinating prehistory as well as the Roman and Viking stuff. If you ever come to the UK go to York because it has both of these remains of those civilisations. would love to go back to Orkney off the NE coast of Scotland as it has archeologic remains that are 5000 years old.

  2. I am still waiting for my first 50 of the year so well done to you. The YTD must be greater than 3 though after all this work. 🙂

    • Thanks for making me look at that. It’s 387 miles

      • Good work after an unlucky break!

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