Posted by: brendaintheboro | March 5, 2017

Good Going

Well, I have managed to ride 6 days of this week so I am well pleased.

Monday saw me riding just a short early morning ride because of work commitments and it was just up what we call the good cycle track that goes up to Ladgate lane and then along the pavement on this fairly fast road to come down through the  housing estate.

Tuesday , also known as Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Tuesday, saw me having an early morning ride on my own as DH said his back was hurting. I rode along the river and then returned home – for a pancake breakfast. Later in the day I went out with DH again so that topped the day at just short on 19 miles. We went out then because he had received his new folding bicycle but more on that in another post.

On Wednesday, I had arranged my work schedule to attend a meeting about having a couple of my art quilts included in a local gallery exhibition. I duly rode down using Speedy my Dahon only to find I had the wrong day. Duh! Still that had me cycling along the river again and then on Thursday too. I was also at my quilt group early in the day and saw these lovely daffodils blooming near the church.

There was rain overnight but I got out early on Friday and only just got home before the deluge came. It rained and it rained. Consequently, when we awoke on Saturday morning , the roads were still wet and in places awash with standing water. Well, it wasn’t going to stop us so off we went across through Thornaby and then to a friends in Ingelby Barwick. He suffered a stroke and has only been home about a week. We didn’t stay long but it gave me time to fill my water bottles as I forgot before we left home.

We then rode up through Hilton and on to Seamer.  I stopped to take a photo of the standing water in the fields.

We saw a few cyclists coming down the hill which I am pleased to say I managed to ride up without getting off. I am pleased to say that I felt strong and remarked that I feel I am getting back to my normal ability.

From Seamer , there is a nice downhill and on to Stokesley. We took the back route so we could see the water levels at the ford. A man was wading in with his dogd to get them cleaned off. There was also a profusion of snowdrops and crocuses.


We took a road I don’t recall cycling before. It is signposted Kirkby and ascends past the industrial estate and then along to the base of the Cleveland Hills. We turned left and carried on towards Great Broughton. We saw a large group coming towards is and found it was Jim Williamson taking his Saturday group out. Nice to see them all.

We went straight over at the  cross roads and along to Ingelby Greenhow. Here we stopped as it was 1pm and I was ready for a break. We had out usual flask of hot water so made hot chocolate and had a sandwich too. There were a few people walking in the village and we carried on to Battersby and when we came to the main road turned towards Great Ayton and followed local route 165 towards home. The road was busy with traffic and one motorist stayed behind us for quite a time as he/she did not want to overtake us on the narrow road. Today, a chap at church said he saw us holding up the traffic!!!  All the way home DH was going on about chocolate brownies which of course need ice cream with them.

So I said I would make some if we rode across to Teesside Park and  got ice cream.  By now there was sunshine  so it made it an easy decision and it got a few more miles in .

So this week I have achieved 86 miles which I am pleased with. YTD 273 miles






  1. I am glad to see that your recovery has come on so well.

  2. 🙂 it’s always good to have an incentive like favourite foods to push the pedals a little further. I’m looking forward to hearing about the new folder Brenda. It’s great to hear that your regaining strength – such a good feeling after time away from the bike.

  3. Glad to see you’ve been out so much with this rather mixed weather. 6 out of 7 days is great!

    • i have been very fortunate to miss the rain.

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