Posted by: brendaintheboro | March 5, 2017

Bickerton 1808

After my recent accident, it got us talking about using the folding bicycle on public transport to extent out touring range. We aren’t getting any younger and can see the time when getting in 70 mile days will no longer be viable, so the conversation turned to what to buy.

We did think about getting another Dahon Speed but unfortunately they are no longer produced. We looked on auction sites but had no luck so turned to C H White of Malmesbury who custom built my Speed TR for me.


I spoke with Tim and he said that he could customise a Bickerton 1808. This would give the same type of internal holding of the handle bars, giving a compact fold. DH knew that he wanted something that had a higher gear ration than my Speed TR and this was accomplished easily as the front chain ring had 55 teeth. He also installed a Sram Dual drive which replaces the normal triple chain ring with a front derailleur . I really like that on my Speed TR as when you stop suddenly in high gear , you can easily drop to a low gear on this dual drive system. Tim also installed a 9 speed derailleur which has a twist grip action. It wasn’t really what DH wanted but using the same  shifters as I have but it messed up the fold.

As we are used to having a hub dynamo to power lights and keep our phones topped up on tour, this was a must have. No problem and with a very bright Busch and Muller light , it is really good.

I have to say, the rear carrier sits much lower than the Speed TR so we cannot put the Ortlieb panniers on so we will need a rethink on that one.

DH just has to apply for his OAP bus pass now, so helpfully we will be able to get a short tour in at the end of April/ beginning of May.



  1. Good looking machine.

  2. A good solution and a nice looking bike.

  3. Hope you find a solution bike-wise!

  4. Hi, I am an absolute newby cyclist. I want to cycle more and buy shopping and so I have just invested in a Burley Travoy trailer. It is an investment as it is expensive but I got it on offer. I have not paid out for the bags that you can buy and hope to use my own.You could consider this option rather than panniers.
    Best wishes!

    • Hi Noelle, glad you are enjoying your cycling. If you look back through my blog , you can see my Radical design trailer. its a brilliant design for our purposes as the wheels detach easily and quickly and it looks just like a normal travel bag. I use it when solo cycle camping. Really the panniers are just to hold wet weather gear and our day stuff, small stove and gas, kettle etc so we can have hot food if the day is dank. We have been at this game a very long time and have used many options over the years. lovely to have your comment. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

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