Posted by: brendaintheboro | February 26, 2017

Busy Week

Well. I have had a busy week and combined with Storm Doris, there hasn’t been the time for as much cycling as last week. Still, I achieved 58 miles so not bad.

Here are a couple of photos of things that we saw, snowdrops and sheep that will be lambing in early April at Saltholme bird reserve. I was so pleased to see a flock, as most of the sheep were killed by uncontrolled dogs that got into the field a couple of years ago . There will be lambing live starting on the 8th April 2017 at the reserve.

I have continued to sock knit, this time for DS1  and decided to do a little 2 colour knitting on these ones.

I have also managed to finish this quilt which I will give as a gift to a friend who has just celebrated his 79th (I think) birthday. I was pleased to be able to get it done and quilted. It isnt perfect but he wont mind.

DS1 took me down to Harrogate on Friday to the Spring Quilt fair. This is the first time it has been held and it wasn’t as busy as I thought it might be. I know that some of the usual traders weren’t there because of a clash with a trade fair. I got some time for classes with Kate Andre who I enjoyed learning from in September.

I also talked with Andy and Jo from Crafty-UK who make all sorts of plastic rules and have started making rulers for free machine quilting. I got a lovely spiral and  a curve. Andy is also making me a 12″ long rule, straight on one side and curved on the other. It will be a couple of weeks before he can do it because he has another quilt show in Duxford next week.

I got a chance to have a little play and here is the result.

So my cycling mileage this week is 58.1 miles and my YTD is 186.9 miles. I hope the weather is better this week.





  1. It must be good to see the signs of Spring, Brenda. Not knowing about sheep and lambs, I’m wondering how they know that the lambing will start on a specific date?

    • A bit like human pregnancy-they know how many weeks gestation is so they can estimate when to put the tup into the flock to do his bit. I saw daffodils yesterday so even though it’s still miserable weather spring is rapidly approaching

      • Spring on its way is good news.

  2. I like your ruler a lot.

  3. The spiral definitely has a cycling theme to it. Lovely socks and quilt too. I hope the lambs are safe from the wild dogs. .

    • Farmers have a right to shoot dogs if they think the flock is in danger . As it’s a nature reserve I don’t think there was a farmer on site last time

      • It’s an awful thing to see a wild dog attack on herd animals.

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