Posted by: brendaintheboro | February 19, 2017

An Amazing Week

Would you believe I have cycled 93.3 miles this week? well I have! Woohoodippidydoo!

Can you tell I feel GOOD!!

I started the week by cycling 3.2 miles on Monday. It was only in the local area and I used Speedy , my Dahon folder. Again, on Tuesday morning I was able to ride 7.7 miles . I chose to go and rearrange an appointment in person and used that as a reason to ride. Also , in the evening I rode to a local cycle action meeting. This is not the sort of lie down in the streets sort of thing but an effort to get the tracks in our area to be connected and have some sort of cohesive policy by the powers that be. That racked up another 0.8 miles.

Wednesday morning saw more good weather so we had a river ride. I had to be home by 10.30am but by the time we got back to the barrage I realised we would be pushing it for time and I was feeling a bit sore. So by the time we were home we had racked up another 12.1miles.

On Thursday, DH wasn’t able to accompany me so I just rode around the local park a few times. Its amazing how quickly you lap the dog walkers. So home with another 6.5 miles on the clock.

I wasn’t working on Friday and we had an idea to try for Cozy Coffee at Brafferton. My intention was to ride Speedy and then, if necessary I would fold her up and get the bus back to the Boro. However, just before we were to leave the phone rang. It was an elderly friend we help to look after as his son lives away. He was having problems with his water not draining away. I told DH to go and see to it as I knew he would just be worried all the time. Turns out it was his dish washer malfunctioning. DH got back at 11.30 am so I had packed a picnic and got the flask full of hot water.  He suggested riding my Koga Randonneur which I haven’t been on since the accident. It went fine and we seemed to have the wind on our backs as I was riding along the Trunk road to Redcar at 16mph. Yiphee! Riding NCN1 through South Bank we saw these pieces of public “art”.

It is just a shame people still dump rubbish near them.

The beach had a lot of people on it as it is half term and the weather was delightful – really spring like.  The water was very calm and we could see ships further out.

Part way along the Promenade we saw a small crowd, so me being the sort of inquisitive person I am stopped to ask, what they were looking at. Turns out there was a pair of snow buntings on one of the wooden groynes.

I very nice man lent me his binoculars to look. I couldn’t get a photo . We had a lovely chat and I exchanged telephone numbers with S his wife as they have an idea they would like to try cycling and touring. I will contact her but don’t want to appear too pushy.
We rode along to Marske but didn’t try for Saltburn – don’t push myself too hard. We stopped in the grounds of Kirkleatham Hall but the play area where we usually sit was very crowded. Around the front of the Hall, there were more seats and picnic benches , so that is where we sat and had our sandwich and hot chocolate.

Here are a coupe of photos.  This is DH saying he couldn’t see anything.

It shows that the hall was built in 1709 and is now used as a museum.

It was cold on the way home but went the longer way, along Ladgate lane, as I was feeling good. 28 miles

Then yesterday we did make Cozy Coffee. Rosie makes delicious cakes and her prices are very reasonable. We had lemon meringue cake and a piece of Rocky road and hot chocolate so it isnt just tea and coffee she sells.

Isnt it strange how memory plays tricks. I was thinking that the road down into Darlington is all down hill. It isnt but the general direction is downwards. I thought if I was too tired I would hop a Train as I rode the Koga but I didn’t need to. So we came back via Sadberg and Norton . We did stop and  picnic on Norton Green and I was surprised by the number of people who stopped to chat and ask where we were going. Only back home but we had ridden 30 miles. It got quite cold after that as the clouds blew in and the wind picked up  so we returned home over Newport bridge instead of riding along the river. Still a good 35 miles.

So in total for the week that is 93.3 miles.  It feels so good and I am now thinking about planning some cycle camping. At this time of year, as the days lengthen, I always feel the same. I seem to need to be out and camping.

YTD 128.8miles



  1. Well done, Brenda, on your 93.3 miles! It’s good to know that you are on the mend. We feel the same this time of year – I am desperate to get out in the tent! Put me in a tent in a field and I’m happy 🙂

    • I am glad someone else feels like me. DH doesn’t but like you I am never happier when in my tent

  2. Three cheers. I hope that you get the weather for your camping.

    • hopefully we will be camping at Easter TP, if not before depending on the weather.

  3. That’s brilliant news Brenda! What a week! Good weather and able to get out there on your bike. Fantastic! 🙂

  4. the milder weather isnt due to last too long but it is February and most unpredictable. got another 9 miles in this morning

  5. Sounds as though you have your mojo back Brenda – good for you! I’m curious to know what a snow bunting is?

    • Hi Robyn, a snow bunting is a little brown and white bird.

      • Mystery solved! Thanks Brenda.

  6. Yes I can tell you feel good. Back to your normal self. Enjoy your cycling.

    • Were you in Harrogate today. Dan said if it wasn’t you, you have a double

  7. Dear Brenda

    This is Sue who you met at Redcar on the day of the snow buntings. Today Colin and went on our first planned ride together just to Redcar and back. We were so inspired by meeting you Colin is in the process of buying a better bike as he currently clanks along on a truly ancient Raleigh with 3 gears.

    What we learned on our ride today was that even a slight headwind makes life much harder on a 🚴!!!

    Anyway. Thanks again for the inspiration. I’ll no doubt be in touch again soon!

    • So lovely to hear from you. We are just back in. Rode out to Battetsby and the weather just got better. Off out again now so will contact you later best wishes B

    • Headwinds, the bain of a cyclists life. So glad you got out today. We usually try to go into the wind on the way out so we have a tailwind on the way home . it doesn’t always work but it helps.

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