Posted by: brendaintheboro | February 12, 2017

One Good Day

Last Monday was a glorious winter day, cold but sunny. As I had taken the day off work due to a hospital appointment, we headed off along the river. DH has renamed the path between Newport Bridge and the Transporter bridge,  ” Clavicle Way”.  heehee!


It was good to be out in the sunshine and no wind was I was able to capture the photo above. I love thst reflection and you can see why it is called the Infinity bridge.

At that I spotted some rowers.

So we rode along into Stockton before heading home.

Then it was time to go and see the consultant at the hospital. After and Xray (radiograph) it was back to the waiting room. How things have changed in 50 years.  Back then I was a student radiographer and I remarked to the student examining me, that it was nothing like back then. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the positioning. She asked me did it smell when radiographs were being wet developed? yes it did and for the first 3 months of training , we never saw the light of day being stuck in a dark room.

Well, after a short wait I saw the consultant. I remember when consultants all looked old. Well they don’t now, he was young but not at all stuffy. He showed me the comparison and I can see it is healing  but some of the bone ends are still very jagged. That explains why I still have some stinging occasionally.   He told me its OK to cycle but to be very careful as if I have another fall , I may crack it again. So I am being careful.

I have been out again but the weather has been awful with lots of rain and sleet. Still its better than snow. The winds have also been up so this week  I have only managed 14.5 miles. According to the weather forecast  for next week, there show be almost spring like weather so I hope to get more miles in.

I have had time to sew and knit but nothing  finished to show you yet.

Miles cycled YTD 35.5 miles




  1. Wonderful shot. I love a good bridge. Take care. You’ll be repaired for spring!

    • thank you Lucie. after a very wet weekend, its almost spring like today

  2. Sounds like spring will see you comfortable and cruising.

    Wow, that’s a beautiful photo Brenda. Very special to see the calm water and clear sky bring out the infinity symbol. Does the bridge just transport cars or is there also a bike way included?

  3. Very nice photography! 🙂

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