Posted by: brendaintheboro | February 5, 2017

Back on the Bike

Good news from my physio. She says she is discharging me. I told her I had cycled a mile last week and she gave me the go-ahead to do more, saying I would be up to 5 miles next week.

Well , I didn’t want to disappoint her so on Tuesday and Thursday I rode 2 miles each day and then on Friday I rode 3. The forecast for Saturday was good but we needed to go up to Gateshead for some shopping. We left early and got in and out with our required items in less than 1 hour and headed for home. We found that DS1 had waited for us and we all went off together.

We headed down to the river and along to Stockton. I bought eggs and then we parted company with DS1 who wanted to ride the longer way home. I didn’t want to push myself too hard so we returned back along the south side of the river and home via Teesside park.

So my total for the week is 17.5 miles. I know, nowhere near last years January total but I am so thankful to be almost pain free now and being able to ride. I hope to get back into my normal early morning riding especially as the days are lengthening. Forgot to mention. on the drive up to Gateshead , in the vicinity of Durham,  we saw out first spring lambs in a field just off the motorway. Spring is coming . Woohoo! soon ne checking our camping gear.

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