Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 29, 2017

Cycled 1 mile

Well hello friends, that is correct I have managed to cycle one mile solo.

I have been working hard doing my exercises and can now lift my arm above my head and get my hand up behind my back just below my shoulder blades. I am still not entirely pain free but making progress. On Tuesday, I persuaded DH to take me out on the tandem. I didn’t have to hold on tight, so we rode 5 miles in sunshine on one of our local routes. The only pain ensued if we went over potholes and I was thrilled to be out.

Yesterday, it was a dreary wet day but then about 2.00pm some weak sunshine unfolded as the clouds blew away. DH suggested a  very short solo ride , to try out how I would do. Well , I rode a mile without too much pain and had a good nights sleep. I think the physio will be very pleased when she sees me on Tuesday.

In the free time I have had, as well as a little bit of sewing, I have continued to knit socks. I was using up wool left over from the other socks I knitted earlier and with the addition of a ball of black yarn , I now have another 2 pairs and a teeny bit of wool left in case they need darning  before I wear them out.

The days are lengthening and signs of spring are coming. I love the lighter mornings we have so I hope that soon I will be out on my regular morning rides before work.

6 miles this week  yippee !






  1. A triumph. The socks that is….and the cycling too of course.

  2. One mile at a time! 🙂

    • and I managed 2 this morning so I am feelinggood

  3. I bet it feels great to be out on the bike again!

    • it did and I just hope the physio is pleased with me tomorrow

  4. That’s terrific news Brenda – well done! What a good feeling that must be.

    • it is. now we just need the weather to improve. Still having to do special exercises to get my arm fully moving again

      • A blessing that it’s winter. You’ll be ready to roll for the warmer days ahead.

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