Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 22, 2017

A bit of sewing.

Sorry folks , still know cycling. I am recovering well and can move my arm up to shoulder height and with a bit of help can get it almost straight above my head. It still hurts a bit  but is much more manageable and I have been able to do some work for my professional life.

I have been working on a couple of pieces for a local ecology group to do with an orchard. These are only small manageable pieces but I am pleased how they have turned out. I still haven’t done any binding and rather have used a backing that is mostly machine sewn.


Magpie one has a background using Brusho paint/ink that I sprayed onto damp fabric. This fabric was previously a piece of scrap fabric that I had used to take a second monoprint off from another project I will show in  a few weeks time.

The magpies were painted onto heavy weight iron on interfacing before being heavily thread painted in both cotton and rayon or poly threads. Then the back ground was  quilted in variegated threads . It is 8″x 10″.


Magpie 2 is a bit bigger at 14.5″x 15″. Again I used the interfacing to draw the magpie in flight and then coloured with Fabrico markers before thread paining. The background is much lighter, again using Brusho but painted onto damp fabric using greens and browns. I got the idea to put in dandelions from a book by Ellen Ann Eddy and the heavily quilted again to show the leaves and pebbles on the ground. Around the magpie , I echo quilted to try to show the movement  of air around the bird.

Both pieces have a cotton/poly wadding ad then I put in a piece of very heavy interfacing so that they can stand or will hang nice and flat on a wall. I am so pleased to have done these and intend to do a kingfisher next as I love the colours if these little birds.

Hopefully,  by next week I may even have had a tandem ride. Look back to see if I have. Thank you to those who have liked my blog. I love it when you leave comments





  1. I really like the embroideries. They have come out very well.

  2. I think that they are lovely!

  3. I showed your work to the ladies at Crafty Club this morning. Everyone agreed, they are beautiful. You are very precise with your machining.

    • thanks Ilona. I do love free machine quilting

  4. Such beautiful works of art Brenda!
    Sorry to hear you’re under par. I will visit earlier posts for an update.

  5. I was wondering how you’d got the backgrounds to look so right, I thought you must have found the perfect fabric! I’ve never used Brusho, it looks like fun xx

    • i only use it on wall hangings as it is not 100% colourfast. Sometimes I wash over with textile medium. Hope this helps.

  6. Beautiful work!

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